Red Bull Is Making A Documentary Series About Indie Games

Image: Youtube

Red Bull are looking to pull back the curtain on some indie games with a new documentary series called 'Levels'.

Six different game studios will show off their unique stories in the first season of Red Bull's new documentary series: Levels.

The documentaries will give us a peek behind the curtains at six independent games studios including Studio MDHR (Cuphead), Motion Twin (Dead Cells), Peter Molyneux (making absurd promises) and more.


    It seems like it could be good as long as Red Bull let the studios speak for themselves rather than editing it for sensationalism and agenda pushing.

    On a related note, is Red Bull Media House something new? I had no idea Red Bull had gotten into media production.

      they've been around since 2007, they're the usually hidden arm behind all of the extreme sports and racing content + redbull records.

      I think video games is a relatively recent foray for them.

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