Reddit’s Worst Board Game Experiences

Reddit’s Worst Board Game Experiences
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Board games are a wonderful hobby that brings people together around the table. At least, they are most of the time. Then there are the times where things go wrong and everyone wants to storm off in a fit. These are some of those times.

The Boardgames subreddit recently asked people what were their worst board games experiences.

Here are some of the top replies.

/u/Squidmaster616 had a particularly awful time with Monopoly.


My 25th birthday.

My brother’s wife invited herself over despite my wanting a quiet night, and on seeing Monopoly on a shelf insisted we play because “it would be fun”.

I was eliminated from the game after the first hour. It went on for another two, because she is that kind of player.

When she left, I immediately thre the game in the bin, swore never to play it or any variation of it again, and put the kettle on in an attempt to enjoy the rest of the evening.

This is why you should never play Monopoly. Putting the kettle on for a nice cuppa was the right idea though, that is a sane and appropriate reaction to any situation.

Games I Will Never Play Again: Monopoly

If all goes according to plan, I will never ever play Monopoly again.

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/u/yawetag12‘s experience of playing Risk with their wife lead to a multi-generational tale of revenge.

Risk. In 2002, with my soon-to-be wife, brother-in-law, and father-in-law. I unintentionally became part of a plot to eliminate my wife, who didn’t even get a chance to really play before she was eliminated.

She sat there and began to cry. I really thought our relationship was over. We made it through though, swearing to never play it again.

Fast forward to last year. Wife and I thought it would be fun to play those Ameritrash games with the kids, to show they aren’t missing out.

Risk is suggested by the kids. We get the game (the same one!) from father-in-law and begin to play. The three of them begin to gang up against me and I’m out fairly quickly.

I had to laugh at the idea of my wife holding the grudge for that long, basking in the vision of me being taken out by my own children.

Grudges that have been carefully nurtured over time can yield some interesting results.

Sometimes people are just cheatyfaced jerks, as /u/DonCallette discovered playing Star Wars: Rebellion.

Star Wars: Rebellion for me. I played against a guy who said his wife, who was sitting at the table, wasn’t going to help him. I took them at face value, but they started constantly looking at their phones, so I asked what they were doing. They said that there was an app that narrowed down what planet the Rebels were on. I asked them if maybe they could skip using the app since it was my first play and they said it was integral to the game, that you had to use it, so whatever. Then I noticed that her phone wasn’t on the app, she was texting him.

He won in a few rounds, just randomly decided to come to the exact planet I was on. Although I don’t know how that game really works, I don’t think that he could’ve figured out where I was so easily. I’m an enormous Star Wars fan and the whole thing has soured me to Star Wars boardgames in general because it made realize I have a lot to lose by disliking them.

Apparently the game lasted all of seven minutes. That’s some efficient cheating.

Finally, Rawesoul had the unfortunately typical Munchkin experience where nobody was able to close out the game.

It was the third time we played this game. We still did not know all the mechanics and chips of the Munchkin, but the first impression of the game was positive and we were determined to continue playing and getting acquainted with this game. But that day we invited a couple more people to play (we usually played four of them). And it turned out that the munchkin is an incredibly boring and ponoton game. We could not finish the game for 5 hours. 5 HOURS. And all because as soon as any player among us received a level higher than the others, then he was disturbed and he lost his level. Then a higher level was received by another player and all attention was switched to him now. And so on. Get the level. Lose level. Repeat. Edge of tomorrow munchkin who win this round eventually.

What were some of your worst board game experiences?


  • Monopoly is a game about how monopolies are bad. It’s fun for one player who is winning, everyone else is slowly being bled dry.

    To break it, never upgrade to hotels. If you can two sets of properties get to the 4 houses stage, then never go further. Everyone else is now stuck.

    • Also it has horrible variations. Worst one I saw was where several of the pieces were foil wrapped chocolate. If you eat them, the game can’t be played.

  • The Monopoly story makes me think that they used “house rules” which tend to make the game go longer.

    When played correctly, Monopoly often lasts about two hours. But games last longer because people refuse to trade properties — a basic fear of risk and luck, in a game that is built on risk and luck — and they also add house rules to “make the game more fun.” Unfortunately, that’s like saying you want to drive into oncoming traffic to make your daily commute more interesting. In both cases, it upsets the natural balance of things and turns out to be wildly destructive.

    • Yeah, I always nix house rules or variants. Unfortunately there are just some situations where trading is just a massive no-no and the game then bogs down. If that happens I’ll sometimes just throw the game (trade a key property to someone who needs it) and then, even if I lose, the game can finish fairly quickly.

  • I love that two of the four are two of the most divisive games out there.

    I won’t go as far as @anotherrat in defending monopoly (because I am in the Will Never Play Monopoly Again group) but it is true that, played by the rules, it is a much shorter game than most play.

    I’ve played many games of Munchkin because my kids seem to love it but I can see how it can be hated. I tend to table talk and get everyone else to use all their cards to stop other people from winning so when my opportunity comes no one has any cards left to stop me.

  • My new sister in law was revealed to be very competitive as she turned on in my brother during a family game of pictionary. I was all for a life lesson, but my girlfriend took pity and threw our comfortable lead.

  • Don’t think I’ve ever had a bad board game experience. Closest would be Monopoly on schoolies (3 day marathon game, I was eliminated on day 1) but the rest of the time I’ve played board games its been fun.

  • I can remember a few. There was the Battlestar Galactica that we stopped half way through because everyone was having a miserable time (partly due to some misunderstood rules, to be fair).

    There was the interminable game of Spirit Island which I was ready to peace out of after 15 minutes, but which continued on for another 4 hours.

    Most recently theres Magic Maze, a game apparently designed from the ground up to generate passive aggression and anxiety in equal measure.

    • Played Spirit Island recently and the found the game just has too much going on which makes it take too long and become unfun.

    • I love BSG but did have one game that ran to nearly 5 hours because the humans decided one of the two pilots was a Cylon, so they brigged us both It was me. The Cylon is always me.. They couldn’t make any progress with 2 players brigged and all I needed was for the Cylons to attack our defenceless ship, but we just never drew an attack card.

  • Not me but my parents… During the engagement my father cheated at Scrabble against my mum by using the Q as a blank. They broke up but luckily they reconciled as I nearly wasn’t born. 40 years later my mother still hasn’t forgiven him. And when it is brought up (and this is STILL done on a semi-regular basis), my mother’s voice is STILL filled with a mixture of vitriol and disbelief!

  • First game of Power Grid against a veteran two other new players and me in a boardgame event night. Very early in the game, I am locked in a corner, not by malice of the other players but by chance (and poor decisions on my part, but then again it was my first game). So with two-thirds of the game’s duration left, I realised I simply had no chance whatsoever to win. Hell, I had no chance of not being the last. However, the game kind of needs all the players to keep playing so I had to stay another half an hour feeling miserable and stupid and wishing that I could be playing any other game.

  • Marathon 5 player free for all game of Magic the Gathering.
    We were playing EDH which is generally a slow format at the best of times, with everyone using 100 card decks with only one copy of a card per deck.
    I was the only one not playing a control deck. Control decks prevent other players from doing much while they try to assemble a combo or big win.
    We gave up after three hours of anit-fun without anyone making any progress. Put me off for a month or two and I still sometimes think twice about going to play EDH if I hear that certain people are going to be there.

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