Samsung Has An RTX-Powered Gaming Laptop (Overseas, Anyway)

Samsung Has An RTX-Powered Gaming Laptop (Overseas, Anyway)
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Samsung’s affiliation with the gaming market has traditionally been limited to mobiles and screens, but at their CES 2019 presser they dropped a nice little surprise: they’re venturing into gaming laptops, too.

Samsung laptops of the past – most of which aren’t released in the Australian market – have often been thin and light devices, focused on productivity rather than gaming. But at their CES conference this year, the company announced they would be releasing the Notebook Odyssey laptop:

The redesigned Notebook 9 Pro is engineered for on-the-go modern professionals to help them reach their true creative potential, while the Notebook Odyssey gaming laptop, powered by the new high-end NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 20-series GPU, is ready for both work and play.

The laptop will feature an RTX-series GPU and a penta-pipe cooling solution with 83 blades for the internal fans. It’ll ship with a 256GB NVMe SSD and a 1TB SSD by default (with room for a second SSD), with a hexacore Intel i7 and 16GB RAM as base spec. The screen is also a 15.6″ 144Hz panel, but with a maximum res of 1080p.

Samsung Has An RTX-Powered Gaming Laptop (Overseas, Anyway)Image: Samsung

The only kicker is: this laptop isn’t officially coming to Australia. Samsung doesn’t sell IT products locally, so you’ll have to import the Notebook Odyssey from overseas if it tickles your fancy. It’ll be available internationally from “early 2019”, although there’s no word on pricing.

The author travelled to CES 2019 as a guest of Hisense.

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