Sasuke From Naruto Is The First Anime Meme Of 2019

It’s mid-January, and we have our first anime meme of the year, with a Naruto still being reworked for internet fodder.

The above image is from a fight between Itachi and Sasuke in an episode of Naruto: Shippuden and shows Itachi choking his younger brother.

The meme has caused “Sasuke” to start trending.


    That particular frame is from the original run of Naruto. Takes place before the time skip

      Yep I think so too. It is realising how weak he is compared to his brother that finally pushes Sasuke to seek out Orochimaru to get stronger as he believes his current training in Konoho just isn't enough.
      Naruto tries to save Sasuke but he is also too weak and is kinda saved by Jiraiya and his "frog stomach/intestines" technique that Itachi breaks free from with black fire technique. Just before the big final fight between him and Naruto at the water fall place with the statues that basically ends original Naruto I think?
      Maybe there was a recap of the scene in Shippuden? Can't remember, been a while since I watched them.

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