Another day, another doodle.

You guys managed to figure out the previous two doodles as items from Dragon Quest Builders! I am pretty eager for the second one to be released in Australia.

This next one is not my best work... turns out shapes are hard. Even so it's still very close to the original.

Good Luck!


    It's not Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, is it?

    Medal from X-Wing or Tie Fighter

    (Psst, Olivia, you have to give props to the person who guessed it last week. Otherwise, what are we even doing here?)


    Pokèmøn. Am I saying that right?

      For which one?

        For all the ones in all the worlds that ever had one, ever.

        Alex generally shouts out first person to guess the last one in the following Scribbletaku. Alex also usually gives out a cash reward for correct guesses, so I guess if you pay the winners out of pocket I'm sure he'll reimburse you when he gets back... ;P

          Hahahaha. Yeah sure, let me just get my wallet.

          I will make sure to add the winners from now on!

          Alex also once went put of his way to make sure that I didn't get cred for a correct answer and even went as far as to claim that the character he depicted was from a fan-made Smash Bros just because he doesn't like my presence and then wouldn't own that he lied despite how glaringly obvious it was.
          So it's not like this is actually a legit comp.

    I'm getting a shield vibe so going to say World of Warcraft.

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