Nobody guessed yesterday's Scribbletaku. It was Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. Although I'll give kartanym partial credit for getting close with Donkey Kong 64

Maybe someone will guess today's drawing. Small hint: it's not Muppet Treasure Island.

Good luck!


    Luigi's Mansion? Looks like the GUI when you suck up fire.

    @zombiejesus Adam is giving hints that it wasn't Muppet Treasure Island. That's a very specific reference to yesterdays guesses, which suggests someone else precognitavely listed todays game.

    It doesn't look very Sea of Theives-y so it was probably your guess - you do have history doing this. Which can mean only one thing!

    @adamwells - yup, probably going to regret encouraging us...

    If it isn't Muppet Treasure Island then obviously it's Muppet Race Mania.

      Spy Muppets: Lucence to Croak for the Game Boy Advance

    I'll take partial credit any day of the week!

    Breath of the Wild, the heat indicator when climbing death mountain. Positive that symbol at the bottom is red

    Last edited 25/01/19 1:36 pm

    The Tasmania fire warning meter...

    Avatar The Last Airbender: Fortress Fight?

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