Some Realistic Smash Ultimate Makeovers

Image: Raf Grassetti / Instagram

Remember when the poster for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie dropped? Remember that slightly realistic, terrifying fur? Now imagine that's what Sonic looks like in Smash Ultimate.

It's just one of the makeovers some of the Smash roster has gotten of late, courtesy of the art director for God of War.

Sony Santa Monica art director Raf Grassetti has been mucking around with Smash characters in his spare time over the holidays, giving several of the more prominent characters what he's calling a remaster.

Sonic is pretty freakish - stuff of nightmares, to be honest - but the remakes on the rest of the cast, like Fox, are pretty spectacular.

The rest of Grassetti's Instagram feed is really, really good. Burn some time today rifling through it here.


    I actually love that Sonic design, even if his expression is a little Crash Bandicooty.

    Sonic was always a Cartoon Character.

    The others are all meant to be more realistic.

    Although I will say Bowsers head is just wrong and Samus shoulders seem a lot smaller than the games. Although if you where making a live action movie, that would be perfect.

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