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    Well happy belated new year to readers and staff. Here's to a great 2019!

    Had a good amount of time off and I finally finished Assassin's Creed Odyssey and really enjoyed it. The game seemed to get better and better as I progressed and had a lot of fun traversing through acient Greece kicking ass and romancing as Kassandra. Just started Red Dead Redemption 2 and so far it is visually breathtaking. I am tempted to grab a psvr and try it through that. Could be quite immersive.

    I miss the old days and the old faces. I hope everyone is still alive and well. Sure, I could just hit you all up on Twitter but hey, I'm aiming for sombre and reflective here. #sadface

    Speaking of Twitter, I'm still reviewing movies. (With stars. Out of 5.) Reply me with any opinions, thoughts, comments you may have or even just general chitchat: @benbonnici


    Sorry if I've not listed you but we've previously conversed. Have a happy 2019, all.


      I too occasionally miss the olden days.
      Dad joke page 6
      Letter writing page 7
      Page R18

      Unfortunately work, life and everything makes it not feasible for me but I'm ever thankful for all the great friends I've met through Kotaku. You know who you are!

      Hello. I was concerned when I was mentioned. Always concerned. =P

        At least you didn't apologise ;-)

          That would have been the next thing to do.


              Cause you're not on twitter and stuff, my mental health has taken a downturn, so I am apologising a lot more than I would normally. (I haven't been apologising as much as I used to)

                Well, I'm SORRY to hear that

      Hello! I unfortunately don’t visit kotaku much anymore because all gaming sites have been blocked at work and for a long time the site was unnavigable on mobile phones. I still check the occasional article I just don’t have the time to look at the comments anymore. :(

      What the hell?!

      TAY is still a thing???!!!

      What's with all the ads with clickbait and tiddies?!

      You'll never find me on Twatter, I had a massive hissy fit and retreated to the confines of Google Hangouts. Far more friends, far less pratts.



            Sorry =(

              Do the kids still say "Fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..!"?

                I think it's yeet these days

                  Of course it is... that makes so much sense :-S

                *shrugs* I dunno

                  Pssst - I dont think anyone ever really does ;-)

        JIMU! I miss you. Did you like Into the Spiderverse? You were one of the bigger Spiderman fans.

          I did! It's a good one, also Homecoming.

          I sometimes watch part of your youtube uploads, but I can't understand Destiny so I give it a thumbs up and bail :D

        > far less pratts.

        Sorry :(

          You? Nah, wasn't you. How ya been, old chum?

          I just tried to email you, tell me if any of the 3 emails I have are still going :D

        Don't complain about a good tiddie, @jimu

          You wouldn't know a good tiddie if it jumped up and bit you on the arse !

      Hey!!! TAYbies unite! Hope everyone is good. Been so long since I logged in here but I too miss the good ol days. I’d never been part of any online Community before so it was awesome to meat so many awesome people. Thankfully most of us joined twitter so I’ve kept in touch with some people.

      Also it wouldn’t be right without me talking about Trials. The game I’ve worked on for 2 years is out next month and I’m so freaking excited. Honestly I would have never got to travel the world or be in a video game or present at E3 or anything without This site. I taught myself video editing because of the WWE competition on this site and it was those skills combined with having an outlet to write Riddle articles that opened up doors with the devs. 7 years later I’ll be in a video game and going back to Helsinki for a 7th time!!

      I know bragging is shit so sorry, but it was all because of this place and having people to listen to me!!!

      PS. Buy Trials Rising 26/2/19!!


        Silly Shady, there aren't 26 months. If/when it does come out, I have to make a decision whether to get it on xbone and "compete" with you, or on PS4 and give myself a feeling of false superiority. I played Trials of the Blood Dragon recently and was super-excited to actually beat you on a couple of tracks... but then I realised that it wasn't all that good, and you probably just got bored. This new game is better than that one, right?

      Hi Benny!
      Yes still chuggin along. :) Still very active on twitter, but things kinda blew up for me in the 3d printing space, and it's hard to keep up with it all. Do pop in here on occasion to see what's up, but nowhere near the amount I probably should. Too many squirrels in my twitterverse these days :') Always busy trying to keep myself alive and housed too.
      HNY to you and all teh TAYbies! :D

        You're still 3D printing me that magnum dong...right?

      Saaah dude? I was just looking at this the other day and was reminiscing on the good ol days

      I'm surprised people remember me on here still. Hey Benny! I unfortunately haven't been visiting kotaku anymore but I am on Twitter now after trying to avoid it for so many years (Though I don't tweet often, more just to keep up to date), mainly due to everyone else going there and leaving TAY.

      I am still functional but mentally I'm not great, though that's been the case since 2001, I am slowly getting better, but it's a struggle.

      I also get nostalgic for the old days of TAY. I remember when ever comment had to pass moderation first, so everyone's posts were absolutely massive in length because people wanted to say as much as they could in one post. Good times.

      Hey! Happy new year. Thanks for the nostalgia trip. Love all of you guys. These was one of the coolest online communities I was/still am a part of.

      Huh, just goes to show how often I log in with just getting this notification!

      Still around. Still miss olTAY. Will double check I'm following you on Twitter.

      Currently in hermit mode awaiting some test results, but once that's done and I figure out what's going on, I'll be coming out of my shell again.

      Until then, peace my friend.

      P.S. I also missed the top couple of posts of Page 8, which were always a dad joke, then "Edit: Argh I missed Page 7 AGAIN this week"

      Last edited 16/01/19 10:51 am

      Hi Benny, Sorry I don't come back here as much. Life is just very busy. Love you all, many hugs, feel free to mention a gain

      Oh Hai!

      Sorry I missed this. I kinda fell off the wagon when we moved to another timezone. It's tough living in the past!

      I'm alive! I'm here! And I'm still the best according to both me AND my mother!

    Can we please get rid of the cosplay selfie tips ad that has been up for about 2 years now.

    Small note: I'm flying off this evening to CES. Let me know if there's something you want me to check out!

      Go check out HiVi accoustics.
      You'll be surprised how well a Chinese manufacturer can do audio.

      Yeah. You can check out my green face! All teh envy! :p

      If you can, for something different try and check out the new stadium being built for the Oakland Raiders relocation. Wont be finished, but there should be a project site somewhere you can check out.

      I hear it will be one of the most tech advanced stadiums in the world when its done mid year so there should be something to sink your Gizmodo/Kotaku teeth into.

      Its waaaay down the southern end of the strip, behind Mandalay Bay.

        Most of the major conferences are in Mandalay Bay, so that might be doable. Would have to try and organise it around everything else, however, so could be a bit rough. CES is pretty chockers as-is.

          All good, it just seemed a handy opportunity given you're there. But if the main reason you're there means you cant, so be it. Do the important stuff.

          It just seemed an interesting diversion to me, and something a little out of the ordinary. There might not be much info anyway, just thought it was worth a shot if you had the time.

    Alex isn't the only one heading to America. I'm flying out for AGDQ today where I'll be running Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 on Wednesday.

    Definitely worth tuning in. It'll be a lot better than my normal streams where I just dangle a webcam from a lamp. Plus CovertMuffin will be reading donations and he's a hecking rad dude.

    Are we not getting that follow-up Ellie article, or has that just not made it here yet?

      Probably been delayed.

        At this point it looks like it’s just not gonna be posted. Which is pretty dodgy from a journalistic point of view.
        Posting an article that says one story but not posting the follow up article when that’s story is utterly disproven is pretty shoddy work.

          It's possible it's because Alex is away, and so is trjn.

    I have been playing Strange brigade and Ashen. Well, I finished Ashen, loved it.
    I am very much enjoying the relaxed pace and dumbness of strange brigade. I knew I would enjoy it looking at the trailers, but it is just so much better than I expected.
    BTW, if you turn off the narrator you are doing yourself a disservice and you're the worst.

    Is anyone else finding Gizmodo and Kotaku impossible to use on your phone any more?
    Apart from all the spamminess, I keep getting "This page has reloaded because of an error" pretty much every few minutes.
    I've given up and only come here now on my laptop, and that rarely. It's a shame because I still enjoy the articles, but they are becoming too annoying, or in some cases impossible to read.

      I haven't had any time outs or errors on my mobile devices. What is your hardware and software? As for adds install a adblocker or a ad blocking browser.

        Having the problem on the current iPhone using Safari, not a timeout, that gives a different error. Only getting the problem on Kotaku and Gizmodo.
        Also getting Firefox crashing on the Xeon machine running Windows 8.1 Pro on Gizmodo.

          Strange. I've used my pixel 3, ipad pro (chrome & safari) and win 10 (chrome) all day so far and no issues. Both on wifi and lte. Have you had the errors on both wifi and lte/4g? Does it give you an error code?

    We're on multiple devices overseas (ios and android) and I haven't had any issues. Best bet is an extension of some kind interfering with things.

      I've not installed any extensions on my phone that I know of. I only have like 3 apps on it that didn't come with the phone TBH.

    So I was playing layers of fear last night. Does it save pretty often? Cause it's starting to make me sim sick with all the effects

      Got to chapter 5, but oh boy am I paying for it.

        Finished it. It was hard, but I finished it.

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