The 12 Best Video Games Of 2018


    Hitman 2, like the one from a few years back, seems like a quiet achiever. Fitting I suppose.

    It's a decent list and let's be honest, everyone's is going to be different.

    I found Super Smash Bros to be a surprise for me, not because I don't believe in Nintendo, but I've never really been a Smash fan (never played N64, Gamecube or Wii U version and only really played the single player in Wii version) but I've sunk 30-40 hours into that game.

    Likewise Spiderman I think, to me, was the most 'fun' I've had in a game this year. It's not the best game I've played in 2018, but there's no denying the enjoyment you have while playing it. I think I was smiling the entire time it was on and I found it rejuvenating to play a game which I enjoyed to just 'play'.

      I agree re: Spider-Man, its been a long time since a game compelled me to time-skip to 3 in the morning.

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