The Battle To Be The Best At Celeste

The Battle To Be The Best At Celeste

Competitions are always more fun when they’re equally matched. The back and forth between speedrunners TGH and Fladervy over who can claim the top time in Celeste is as close an arm wrestle as they come and it doesn’t look like either one will give up soon.

It’s fascinating to watch speedrunners push themselves – and each other – to earn the fastest completion times. New tricks are found that everyone works to incorporate into their runs but sometimes the best motivation is a rival.

Even when speedrunners are competing against each other it’s important to remember that they are working together to improve their skills and knowledge of the game. It’s often a friendly rivalry and while only one may get the joy of seeing their name at the top of the leaderboards, everyone’s successes are celebrated.

For months, TGH dominated the Celeste leaderboards on He held the world record in multiple categories and was constantly beating his own best times to keep everyone else at bay.

Celeste speedruns are beautiful in their simplicity. They take advantage of a few simple tricks and constant, high level execution to navigate through difficult platforming. Deaths are both a momentary setback and a huge hindrance, as delicate timings are disrupted.

In October last year, Fladervy finally managed to overtake TGH in the race up the summit in the most unexpected of fashions. The two were facing off in a race for the Speedgaming Twitch channel and in the second game of their best of three match, Fladervy took 23 seconds off of his personal best and claimed the world record.

This was a battle of Celeste’s titans. On one side we had TGH, the American runner that constantly streamed Celeste and was renown for his consistency at the game. On the other side, Fladervy, the brilliant Brazilian that was less consistent but nigh unbeatable when he managed to string everything together.

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TGH would soon reclaim the Any% world record and hold on to it for several months. During that time, the rest of the Celeste speedrunning community improved as well. Not only was Fladervy doing well but Msushi and nero_x2 were also catching up.

Then two weeks ago, while TGH was at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, Fladervy managed to reclaim the title with a time of 28:37.901.

Two weeks is a long time in speedrunning. Fladervy managed to shave another 18 seconds off of the world record in that time only for TGH to break the record twice in one day. That day was yesterday.

As of the time of writing, TGH is the current world record holder with a time of 28:07.453. You can watch the video below.

Update: Clarified the non-adversarial nature of the rivalry.


  • Love watching Celeste, its so fast and so tight making the jumps and chaining everything together. Just a beautiful game all round especially for skill displays

  • I happily witnessed the 2nd wr live, he was actually going to stop attemps for the night but someone raided him with 1000 extra viewers so he decided to go one more and bam pb. Was very entertaining.

  • So, I got this free from Xbox Games with Gold this month – and I honestly don’t see what the big deal is?

    Perhaps it doesn’t help that I just finished playing through The Messenger on Switch – but TM seemed like the much better game to me. I found the controls much better on TM too.

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