The Deep World Of Anime Cabbage

Image: J.C.Staff,Image: otakomu

In Japan, cabbage is a go-to veggie. It’s used a lot in cooking! No wonder the vegetable is often depicted in anime, such as in Taboo Tattoo (above). Let’s look at anime cabbage from over the years.

Twitter user Kyo-mu chan recently posted this image, comparing cabbage in several different anime, including Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Love Live, among others.

Here is one of the most famous (infamous?) anime cabbage images.

This is from the Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na anime.

Compared to reality (unappetizing reality, at that).

Still, the general consensus is that the Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na cabbage, which was fixed in the DVD release, is bad anime. Ever since then, it seems like that many studios have done highly detailed cabbage.

Cabbage is one way fans can judge the quality of an anime. Cabbage is such a commonplace item. Yet, drawing it as simply a rotund green veggie is lazy. Cabbage doesn’t quite have the same visual shorthand that, say, apples or bananas do. That might be why this fan says, “anime with good cabbage images is a good anime.”

Here are more anime cabbage.

Just released schoolgirl horror movie School Live, a live-action version of the manga, doesn’t seem to know what cabbage looks like before sold in supermarkets.

But anime knows.


    Well... this is one of the stranger things I've seen today

    "My cabbages!!"
    wait thats not an anime :/

      I'd call it American anime. Fantastic series too.

        Yeah its certainly influenced by anime and agreed, its one of my favourite series of all time.
        I was just making a reference to the only 'cabbage' thing i could think of in a show.

      I came here just to read (or make) that comment.

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