The Incredible New Comic Series To Add To Your Pull List In 2019

The Incredible New Comic Series To Add To Your Pull List In 2019
Wonders, transformers, slayers, weirdness, and life stories are waiting to be uncovered in 2019"s comics. (Image: DC Comics,Image: IDW,Image: Boom! Studios,Image: Dark Horse,Image: Marvel Comics)

The new year is upon us, which means new opportunities for comics to deliver wild crossover events, miniseries, and new adventures.

Although we only know what’s coming up until spring so far, io9’s got you covered on what fresh new series you’re gonna want to keep an eye on in 2019.



Conan the Barbarian #1—After regaining the comics licence to the legendary fantasy hero, Marvel begins a new age of adventure for Conan the Cimmerian. (Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar)

Guardians of the Galaxy #1—In the wake of last year’s Infinity Wars events, the shattered Guardians of the Galaxy are reforged to quell the fires of war raging across the cosmos. But is the threat of the Mad Titan himself really gone for good? (Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw)

Captain Marvel #1Carol Danvers has been through some stuff lately — from family revelations to adventures in space — and it’s time for her to come home to New York.

But just because she’s back in the Big Apple doesn’t mean the universe isn’t done throwing curve balls at the Mighty Captain Marvel. (Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero)

Black Widow #1 — Natasha Romanoff is back, extremely not dead, and extremely pissed. Can the Black Widow save herself from a life of darkness once more after being betrayed by the hero she could trust the most? (Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska, and Flaviano)

Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man #1 — Another day, another Spider-book, but one that really brings Peter Parker back down to the street level, exploring the trials and tribulations that face the Spectacular Spider-Man right on his doorstep. (Tom Taylor, Juann Cabal)

Invaders #1 — The wartime superteam is back…even if it is to bring in one of its own: Namor the Sub-Mariner has new plans that could be a threat to the whole world, and only Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and the Human Torch can stop him. (Chip Zdarsky, Carlos Magno, and Butch Guice)

Champions #1 — The young team of former Avengers has gone global, with fresh teen heroes across the world gathering under the leadership of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel). But as it reaches new peaks, a dark secret could bring the Champions crashing down for good. (Jim Zub, Steven Cummings)

Man Without Fear #1Daredevil is no more. But how will Hell’s Kitchen and its denizens cope in a world without its fearless Defender?

Starting with a tale focusing on Foggy Nelson, this new miniseries wants to find out before the Daredevil saga begins anew. (Jed Mackay, Danilo Beyrouth)

Age of X-Man Alpha #1 — A new age dawns for the X-Men—but who is the X-Man? Ahead of a relaunch, a new one-shot teases the latest shocking challenge facing mutantkind. (Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, Ramon Rosanas)

Marvel 80th Anniversary: Since 2019 marks 80 years of Marvel Comics (back to before it was even called Marvel), the company is harkening back to some of its oldest comic series from the Silver Age, anthologies telling tales of frights, outer space, and the harsh battlefields of war!

  • Crypt of Shadows #1 (Al Ewing, Gary Brown, and more)

  • Journey into Unknown Worlds #1 (Cullen Bunn, Clay McLeod Chapman, Francesco Manna, and more)

  • War is Hell #1 (Howard Chaykin, Philip Kennedy Johnson, and more)

Marvel Comics Presents #1 — The iconic Marvel series comes back for the company’s 80th birthday, gathering a trio of ‘40s-set tales focusing on Wolverine, Captain America, and Namor. (Charles Soule, Ann Nocenti, Greg Pak, Paulo Siquiera, Tomm Coker, and more)

Wolverine: The Long Night #1 — Remember that Wolverine podcast Marvel did about a series of creepy murders, with none other than Logan as prime suspect? Well, good news: now it’s a comic book! (Benjamin Percy, Marcio Takara)

Star Wars: Age of Republic: The Star Wars anthology series celebrating all three eras of Star Wars movies continues its trek across the characters and times of the prequel saga, with tales celebrating Jedi Knights, mysterious Bounty Hunters, Clones, and everyone’s favourite senator, Jar Jar Binks.

  • Obi-Wan #1 (Jody Houser, Cory Smith)

  • Jango Fett #1 (Jody Houser, Luke Ross)

  • Age of Republic Special #1 (Ethan Sacks, Jody Houser, Marc Guggenheim, Chip Zdarsky, Carlos Gomez, Paolo Villanelli, Casper Wijngaard, and more)

ImageLook who’s back. (Image: Patrick Gleason, DC Comics)


Young Justice #1 — The teenage heroes of the DC universe are gathered once more! Friends old and new from DC’s youngest stars are united when a mysterious invasion strikes Metropolis, heralding the return of none other than Connor Kent, the original Superboy. (Brian Michael Bendis, Patrick Gleason)

Naomi #1 — A battle between Superman and Mongul could be the key to a grand new mystery in the DC universe, as a young woman named Naomi caught in the crossfire sees the incident as a chance to explain the last time she had a superheroic encounter…and what it meant for her own origin story. (Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell)

The Other History of the DC Universe #1 — The history of the DC universe, through crises and reboots, is a tale eternally retold. But this new miniseries explores it through the sociopolitical lens of heroes from the diverse corners of DC canon, reframing its long history in a new light. (John Ridley, Alex Dos Diaz)

Mysteries of Love in Space #1 — Prepare for Valentine’s Day a month in advance with tales of love across the stars, starring DC heroes not of this Earth. (James Tynion IV, Saladin Ahmed, Cecil Castellucci, Kyle Higgens, Jeff Loveness, Tom Grummett, Kyle Hotz, Elena Casagrande, Max Dunbar, and more)


Oliver #1 — A new retelling of the classic Dickens tale Oliver Twist, imagining the young orphan not as a Victorian scamp, but a futuristic hero fighting to save a post-apocalyptic England ravaged by war. (Gary Whitta, Darick Robertson)


Marvel Action: Black Panther #1 — IDW’s line of all-ages Marvel adventures continues, with T’Challa, King of Wakanda, and his little sister Shuri fighting together to protect the isolated nation from exterior threats. (Kyle Baker)

IDW 20/20: IDW’s year-long celebration of its 20th anniversary kicks off with a weekly anthology series; it takes some of its most beloved series and imagines new tales set either 20 years in the future, or 20 years in the past.

  • MLP (Ted Anderson, Toni Kuusisto)

  • Star Trek (Peter David, J.K. Woodward)

  • TMNT (Paul Allor, Dave Wachter)

  • Jem & the Holograms (Sina Grace, Siobhan Keenan)

  • Ghostbusters (Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening)

TMNT: Shredder in Hell #1 — The Shredder is back…sort of. The infamous foe of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goes on a divine journey through the depths of hell itself—but how much of his soul could possibly be left after such a harrowing experience? (Mateus Santolouco)

Star Trek: The Q Conflict #1 — A brand new event series uniting the eras of original Star Trek, The Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine, as a squabble among the Q pits Captains against each other in a conflict that could reshape the entire universe. (Scott Tipton, David Tipton, and David Messina)

ImageA new mission for Amanda Ripley. (Image: Roberto De La Torre, Dark Horse Comics)

Dark Horse

Avatar: Tsu’Tey’s Path #1 — The comic book exploration of the world behind James Cameron’s grand sci-fi movie continues, with a new series focusing on the warrior Tsu’Tey—Neytiri’s betrothed, until the mysterious human known as Jake Sully shows up. (Sherri Smith, Jan Duursema, and Dan Parson)

Aliens: Resistance #1 — At the end of the video game Alien: Isolation, Amanda Ripley, Ellen’s resourceful daughter, found herself silenced by the sinister Weyland Yutani. But when an ex-Colonial Marine comes to her to try and expose the existence of a deadly bioweapon, Amanda finds herself on a frightful new mission. (Brian Wood, Robert Carey)

Wyrd #1 — When a crime is seemingly too strange to be solved by normal means, law enforcement turns to one man: Pitor Wyrd, an eternal detective who uses his long life and invulnerability to investigate the strangeness lurking in the dark. (Curt Pires, Antonio Fuso)

Halo: Lone Wolf #1 — A new tale from the universe of Halo sees Spartan Linda-058 sent on a solo mission, using her infiltration and marksman skills to stop an insurgent scientist at a distant human colony. (Anne Toole, Kieran McKeown, and JL Straw)

Starcraft: Soldiers #1 — While you wait another decade for Blizzard to make a Starcraft 3, a new miniseries explores tales from the front lines of conflict in the iconic RTS video game universe. (Jody Houser, Andrew Robinson, and Miguel Sepulveda)

Boom Studios

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 — The story of the legendary Slayer begins once more, as the iconic TV series is re-imagined for a new age. Young teenager Buffy Summers moves to the sleepy town of Sunnydale, only to find it’s not entirely so sleepy, what with being on the doorstep of a portal to the darkest forces the world has ever seen. (Jordie Bellaire, Dan Mora)

Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon #1Adventure Time may have ended, but its world lives on in a new tale from Marceline herself, Olivia Olson. Set after the events of the finale, Simon asks Marceline for the chance to redeem himself for his time as the Ice King, leading the duo (plus Finn and Jake) on a quest into the sinister Nightosphere. (Olivia Olson, Slimm Fabert)

ImageCan Earth’s mightiest save the light? (Image: Yasmine Putri, Marvel Comics)


Savage Sword of Conan #1 — Thought January’s new Conan was simply not enough barbarian action at Marvel? The publisher agrees, because it’s also launching a new miniseries that sees Conan thrust into a mythical new adventure after being captured by pirates. (Gerry Duggan, Ron Garney)

Avengers: No Road Home #1 — Earth’s Mightiest Heroes kick off a new mini-event as night falls across the entire Marvel cosmos, bringing together seven familiar Avengers (and one new addition) in a quest to restore light to the universe. (Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid, and Paco Medina)

Daredevil #1 — Remember when we said Daredevil was gone last month? Well, turns out you can’t keep the devil down for long. (Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto)

The Gunhawks #1 — Marvel’s deep dive back into its 80-year-old back catalogue continues, with a revival of its Old West comic about the infamous outlaws known as the Gunhawks. (David Lapham, Maria Lapham, and Luca Pizzari)

Love Romances #1 — Get in the romantic mood with a one shot celebrating Marvel’s past in the romance comics industry, with new tales of heartbreak and love across time and space. (Dennis Hopeless, Gail Simone, Jon Adams, and more)

Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1 — Wolverine returned last year, with none other than an Infinity Stone in his possession. Confused about how all that happened? A new miniseries takes Logan to the cosmos, and pairs him up with Loki Laufeyson for good measure. (Gerry Duggan, Andy MacDonald)

Old Man Quill #1 — Set in a future where Peter Quill put aside his life as a Guardian of the Galaxy to assume his father’s throne, a life of tragedy haunts the former Star-Lord, until his old teammates drag him back for one last mission. (Ethan Sacks, Robert Gill)

Age of X-Man: The new Age continues, with new teams, new miniseries, and new sagas for Marvel’s mightiest mutants.

  • Marvellous X-Men #1 (Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson, and Marco Failla)

  • Nextgen #1 (Ed Brisson, Marcus To)

  • Amazing Nightcrawler #1 (Sean McGuire, Juan Figeri)

  • X-Tremists #1 (Leah Willaims, Georges Jeanty)

Hulkverines #1 — What happens when you combine a Hulk with a Wolverine? You get a Hulkverine, duh—and the original Hulk and Wolverine have got a problem with that. (Greg Pak, Ario Anindito)

Captain Marvel: Braver & Mightier #1 — Only Carol Danvers could be late to Captain Marvel Day—but at least she has a good excuse, trying to balance her commitment to the community that loves her with fending off an alien invasion. (Jody Houser, Simone Buonfantino)

Uncanny X-Men: Winter’s End #1 — In a one off story, Bobby Drake gets an unexpected visitor from his future: himself! But what has time done to turn the future Iceman into a morose man who’s turned his back on being a hero? (Sina Grace, Nathan Stockman)

Star Wars: Age of Republic: Tales from across the prequel saga continue, this time featuring stories about two Jedi: one knight already fallen, and another destined to bring down the Jedi Order with him.

  • Anakin Skywalker #1 (Jody Houser, Cory Smith)

  • Count Dooku #1 (Jody Houser, Luke Ross)


Female Furies #1 — Tired of being left behind when Darkseid’s armies go to war against New Genesis, Granny Goodness tasks her mightiest warriors—Big Barda, Aurelie, Mad Harriet, Lashina, Bernadeth and Stompa—with going out and beating the men of Apokolips at their own bloody game. (Cecil Castelucci, Adriana Melo)

High Level #1 — Hundreds of years after civilisation fell, a smuggler is tasked with a continent-spanning new run: delivering the would-be child messiah to the mythical city at the top of the world, High Level. (Robert Sheridan, Barnaby Bagenda, and Romulo Farjado Jr.)

Wonder Twins #1 — After being exiled from their world, Zan and Jayna find themselves having to make a life on Earth, blending in as teenage attendees at South Metropolis High. But can they balance life at school with a life interning at the Halls of Justice as the Wonder Twins? (Mark Russell, Stephen Byrne)

ImageSharkey’s on the hunt this February. (Image: Simone Bianchi, Image Comics)


Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #1 — Like any bounty hunter worth his salt, the titular hero of Sharkey the Bounty Hunter knows that maintaining his reputation is just as important as actually collecting rewards from his jobs, and so he always makes his presence very known by arriving on the scene in a rocket-powered ice cream truck with his kid sidekick.

They’re just a pair of mercenaries journeying through the galaxy on a quest to bag baddies. You know. Good, wholesome stuff. (Mark Millar, Simone Bianchi)

Hit-Girl Season Two #1 — Mindy McCready is someone who deeply values her privacy, and as much as she likes interacting with average, everyday people, she’d rather they not take too much interest in her personal life, lest they learn about her secret life as the vigilante Hit-Girl. But when Mindy learns that her Hit-Girl escapades are being turned into a live-action adaptation by a studio, she goes on a road trip to Hollywood to shut down the production by any means necessary. (Kevin Smith, Pernille Ørum)


G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte #1 — When the entire world decides to finally eradicate Cobra Commander, a number of iconic G.I. Joe heroes band together to make sure that they can get their hands on the villain before anyone else — and make sure that he’s served true justice. (Michel Fiffe)

D&D: A Darkened Wish #1 — When the peaceful Sea of Swords is threatened by the arrival of a new malevolent presence, a gifted wizard-in-training named Helene from Mintarn sets out on an adventure, honing her craft in order to become powerful enough save the people and the land she loves. (B. Dave Walters, Tess Fowler)

ImageKamala Khan’s world is expanding in March. (Image: Eduard Petrovich, Marvel Comics)


Age of Conan: Bêlit #1 — Before Bêlit became the legendary Queen of the Black Coast and one of Conan’s most trusted allies, she was a fearless teenager for forged her own destiny by stowing away on a ship and meeting whatever challenges the high seas had in store for her.

This origin story will explore Bêlit’s past and give readers a look into the inner workings of her mind. (Tini Howard, Kate Niemczyk)

Spider-Man: Life Story #1 – Being a comic book character means never really having to grow up. But in , Peter Parker’s being given the chance to age like a regular person, living in a universe where his timeline isn’t being constantly reset in order to clean up complicated plot lines.

For the first time in his life, Peter’s going to age like the rest of us, all the while continuing to operate as everyone’s friendly, neighbourhood Spider-Man, and it’s going to be fascinating to see what kind of person he ends up becoming. (Chip Zdarsky, Mark Bagley)

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 — For all the mind-boggling situations Kamala Khan’s gotten herself into over the years, she’s adjusted pretty well into the superhero life and been lucky enough to enjoy a healthy balance between her personal and “professional” lives. In this new series, though, she’s going to be forced to deal with even more pressures to keep her lives separate and herself centered. (Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung)

Meet the Skrulls #1 — The tricky thing about Skrulls is that, because of their incredible shapeshifting abilities, you can never been certain when you’re in the presence of one. Your mail carrier? Your elderly neighbour? The baby who smiles at you in the checkout line? They could all be Skrulls lying in wait to tear your throat out.

This comic will follow the Walker family, a cell of Skrulls posing as normal humans as they wait for the precise moment to carry out their mysterious plans. (Robbie Thompson, Nico Henrichon)

Domino: Hotshots #1 — Though she’d rather not admit it publicly, Domino’s the rare sort of mercenary who actually enjoys working on a team with people. But this time around, she’s in the position to pick her newest allies—and she’s got her eye on an elite squad of other ladies with a penchant for killing that she wants to join forces with. (Gail Simone, David Baldeon)

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1 — Becoming the final Ghost Rider at the end of existence is perhaps the most surprising thing that’s ever happened to Frank Castle that most of the rest of Marvel’s universe never got a chance to know about.

But in this new series, the Cosmic Ghost Rider is travelling to the past to muck around with the specifics of the House of Ideas’ most classic comics. (Paul Scheer, Nick Giovannetti, and Gerardo Sandoval)

Age of X-Man: The new Age continues (again!), with more fresh miniseries from the mutant world.

  • Prisoner X #1 — (Vita Ayala, German Peralta)

  • Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #1 — (Tim Seely, Salvador Espin)

Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War #1 — Based on Insomniac’s critically-acclaimed game for the PlayStation4, this comic tells the story of a twenty-something Peter Parker who’s well into his life operating as Spider-Man and on the brink of bringing down Wilson Fisk for good.

But toppling Kingpin and his empire creates room for the new villain Mister Negative to take his place, and Negative’s rise to power sets into motion a series of events that could destroy New York City. (Dennis Hopeless, Michele Bandini)

Star Wars: Darth Vader – Dark Visions #1 — As much as Darth Vader is a well-known symbol for dread and fear, there are some corners of the galaxy far, far away where he inspired hope in people, even in his days when he operated as one of the deadliest Sith lords in existence.

This new adventure will explore those stories and show us sides to Vader that have scarcely been seen. (Dennis Hopeless, Paolo Villanelli, and Brian Level)

Star Wars: Age of Republic: The prequel exploration continues, with two new stories highlighting Senator Amidala’s political acumen and a shocking revelation for the sinister Separatist commander, General Grievous.

  • Padmé Amidala #1 — (Jody Houser, Cory Smith, and Paolo Rivera)

  • General Grievous #1 — (Jody Houser, Luke Ross, and Paolo Rivera)

Marvel Rising #1 — When the mad sorceress Morgan le Fay sets her sights on New Jersey with a plan to transform it into a new Camelot, Ms. Marvel teams up with Squirrel Girl, Ghost-Spider, America Chavez, and Captain Marvel to keep the Garden State intact and unchanged. (Nilah Magruder, Roberto Di Salvo, and Audrey Mok)

ImageGet ready to have H on speed dial again. (Image: Joseph A Quinones Jr., DC Comics)


The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1—Though the days of DC’s Dark Nights: Metal event are behind us, the Batman Who Laughs isn’t quite finished yet. He’s got plans for the larger world that no other vigilante is going to be prepared to deal with, especially once the Grim Knight brings his newest ally into the fold. (Eduardo Risso, Jock, Gabriel Dell’Otto, James T Tynion IV, and Scott Snyder)

Detective Comics #1000 — This celebration of the world’s greatest detective will tell stories from all eras of Batman’s life and provide a glimpse in what’s to come for the hero. (Alvaro Martinez, Joëlle Jones, Dustin Nguyen, Alex Maleev, Jim Lee, Kelley Jones, Steve Epting, Tony S. Daniel, Greg Capullo, Neal Adams, Doug Mahnke, Warren Ellis, Paul Dini, Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis, Peter J. Tomasi, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Kevin Smith, Christopher Priest, Dennis O’Neil, and Geoff Johns)

Dial H for Hero #1 — While a young teen called Miguel has the heart of a hero, his mettle is put to the test when he becomes the newest owner of the legendary Hero Dial, a phone-like object that imbues a person with superhuman abilities whenever they dial out the letters “H-E-R-O.”

Even though Miguel’s always had the potential to be great, actually being given superpowers will teach him that there’s more to being a hero than just being physically powerful. (Joseph A Quinones Jr., Sam Humphries)

Second Coming #1 — While many believe that Jesus Christ has been patiently watching the events of human history in anticipation for the day when he’s meant to return and save God’s children, Second Coming tells the story of how he comes back to Earth only to find that Christianity’s changed in the time since he was last living.

Before he brings people back to heaven, the former carpenter’s got a lot of work to do to get people back on the same page as him. (Richard Pace, Amanda Conner, and Mark Russell)


Little Bird #1 — Set in a dystopian hellscape where the American Empire reigns supreme, Little Bird tells the story of a young rebel fighting with the Resistance in a last ditch effort to preserve their humanity and perhaps liberate the world. (Darcy Van Poelgeest, Ian Bertram)

ImageA new age of Transforming begins! (Image: Gabriel Rodriguez, IDW)


Transformers #1 — Fresh off the heels of the new Bumblebee movie, this comics reboot of the classic series will go all the way back to the earliest days of Cyberton, before the great war tore it apart — and show us how the death of one being led to the great conflict that turned the Autobots into the heroes we know them as today. (Brian Ruckley, Angel Hernandez, and Ron Joseph)

Glow #1—The rebooted adventures of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling continue in this new comic based on Netflix’s live-action series, following aspiring actress Ruth as she finds unexpected success in the world of campy professional wrestling. (Tini Howard, Hannah Templer)

Synergy: A Hasbro Creators Showcase—Comics talent Mairghread Scott reflects on her life in this collection of five autobiographical one shots, featuring characters from the Transformers franchise she grew up loving. (Mairghread Scott, Sara Pitre-Durocher)

Dark Horse

Astro Hustle #1 — Family reunions are always kind of difficult for black sheep types—but that’s especially true for world-renowned criminal Chen Analou, who suddenly awakens from a 60-year-long stint in cryostasis to find that his younger brother has become the newest President of the Galaxy.

Things may have changed while Chen was asleep, but he’s a creature of habit and he’s ready to make up for lost time. (Jai Nitz, Tom Reilly, Ursula Decay, and Chris Crank)

Bad Luck Chuck #1 — For most people, bad luck is a source of constant frustration, but for Charlene “Chuck” Manchester, it’s kind of a blessing. For reasons she doesn’t quite understand, abnormally unfortunate bad luck follows Chuck wherever she goes — but rather than letting it get her down, she’s found a way to turn it into an advantage by selling access to it to whomever might happen to need it.

Say you need a sudden accident to befall an enemy. Call Chuck. Wanna collect on an insurance policy? Call Chuck. But of course, there’s a downside to Chuck’s abilities, and she’s going to have to deal with the consequences. (Lela Gwenn, Matthew Dow Smith, and Kelly Fitzpatrick)

Calamity Kate #1 — When the world’s gone to hell and become overrun with demons, Kate Strand doesn’t think twice about giving up her own life to become a lethal monster hunter based out of Los Angeles, but the city of angels is anything but a safe haven for the series’ heroine. (Magdalene Visaggio, Corin Howell, and Valentina Pinto)

Boom Studios

Firefly: Bad Company #1 — Few women in the ’verse can say that they ever had the chance to call Captain Mal their husband, but it’s one of the many things about Saffron’s past that makes her one of the most interesting characters in the Firefly canon.

But there’s so much more to Saffron, her origins, and how she came to become involved in the space-faring bounty hunting game that’ll be explored in this new series. (Josh Lee Gordon, Francesco Mortarino)

Ronin Island #1 — After a great calamity devastates much of 19th century Japan, Korea, and China, the few remaining survivors band together to create a last refuge for humanity, as the world is overtaken by mutated monsters and a cruel Shogun seeks to take advantage of the opportunity to extort money out of the poor for protection. (Grek Pak, Giannis Milonogiannis)

Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy #1 — The fusions of Steven Universe don’t get nearly enough screen time on the television show, which is why they’re all being spotlighted in this series of one shots that will explore the inner workings of their personalities in bold, fun ways. (Anthony Oliveira, JY Yang, Steve Foxe, Amal El-Mohtar, Sarah Gailey, Xiao Tong Kong, Mollie Rose, Maurizia Rubino, and Doki Rosi)

Black Mask Studios

Lab Raider #1—In their deepest heart of hearts, animal rights activists have the best of intentions, but sometimes their actions end up getting them into more trouble than they anticipated. The unwitting heroes of Black Mask’s Lab Raider only wanted to liberate animals from what they initially believed to be run-of-the-mill tests for human consumer products.

But what they couldn’t have known was that the tests transformed the animals into ferocious beasts that, once “freed,” end up turning the heroes’ mission for liberation into a desperate race to save their own lives. (Matt Miner, Crees Lee)

ImageThe life of one of Valiant’s most important characters is getting its own miniseries. (Image: Mico Suayan, Valiant)


The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #1 — Toyo Harada was a man who wanted to use his unimaginable powers to make the world a better place when he easily could have subjugated or destroyed it with just the snap of his fingers.

But after years of trying to shape the world peacefully by cultivating vast wealth and an even larger pool of similarly gifted people like himself, Harada was ruined and turned into one of the greatest villains humanity had ever known.

With the path of peace behind him, Harada accepts that perhaps it’s time to go a different, darker way to achieve his goals. (Joshua Dysart, CAFU)

Dynamite Entertainment

The Six Million Dollar Man #1—Steve Austin can usually pull off any and all dangerous acts of heroism thanks to his ridiculously expensive cybernetic enhancements. But when the tech in his body suddenly begins to fail during a mission in Japan, he quickly realises that he’ll have to rely on his human half if he wants to make it out alive. (Christopher Hastings, David Hahn)


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