The Makers Of Those ALDI Flatpack Arcade Machines Have 5 New Cabinets This Year

The Makers Of Those ALDI Flatpack Arcade Machines Have 5 New Cabinets This Year

Last year, ALDI dropped a nice surprise in one of their weekly catalogues. Instead of bargain bin Xbox 360’s or a Bauhn-branded TV, the no-frills grocer was selling flatpack Gauntlet and Street Fighter cabinets.

The maker of those was Arcade1Up. Unsurprisingly, they’re expanding their line in 2019 with five more cabinets ranging from Mortal Kombat games to Final Fight and Karate Champ.

The first two new cabinets, featuring the colour and B&W versions of Space Invaders and a range of side-scrolling platformers like Final Fight, will be released in February. That’ll be followed up by a cabinet based on the Golden Tee golf games, with a Karate Champ and Mortal Kombat themed flatpack cabinets to be released in September.

The full list of games in each cabinet is as follows:

Final Fight Cabinet (Feb): Final Fight, 1944, Ghosts ‘N Goblins, Strider

Space Invaders Cabinet (Feb): Space Invaders Color, Space Invaders Black and White

Golden Tee Cabinet (June): GT Classic ’01, Golden Tee ‘2k, Golden Tee ’99, Golden Tee ’98

Mortal Kombat Cabinet (Sept): Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Karate Champ Cabinet (Sept): Karate Champ, Bad Dudes, Burger Time, Caveman Ninja

There’s no word on whether any of these might be sold in ALDI again this year; that would probably be dependent on supply and the success of the previous cabinets, information that isn’t publicly available. EB Games stocked the same cabinets as ALDI last year, albeit at a higher price. Those cabinets aren’t available for purchase now, however. Arcade1Up do have a booth on the CES show floor though, so I’ll try and get in contact with the makers to confirm whether any of the 2019 cabinets will be released locally.


  • Karate Champ!!! Full Point!!! Will this have the two joysticks??? This is the best news!! Can’t wait to get this and punch the bull in the face.
    I first saw this in Eaglehawk Neck at a milkbar 30+ years ago (Yikes!! I’m getting old!!). Ran in to get a drink and 10 minutes later still watching kids play the game. Mum came in a tad pissed to drag me out…. Mum’s just don’t understand somethings…..

      • Karate Champ was just before IK and Way of the Exploding Fist hit the traps. The double joystick just made the moves so easy and all made sense. Very Fluid. I did have KC on my phone a few years ago and just rekindled my desire for this game.

      • That’s like asking someone if they aren’t a little old for Films or Books or Music. People don’t get more boring the older they get until they end up sitting in a rocking chair watching a tree for six hours lol.

        • Wait what. I feel like if anyone should be spotting bloodsport references it should bloody well be me! Pun emphatically intended.

          • Wait what. I feel like if anyone should be spotting bloodsport references it should bloody well be me! Pun emphatically intended.
            And the penny just dropped, got it haha

  • Was watching a vid a couple of months back for these. Someone had a couple, and Arcade1Up generously sent him the rest of the set. So basically, he had a wall of em and essentially an arcade at home. It looked pretty impressive anyhow.

    The guy didn’t hold back with his opinion either, and there was clearly no bias just because they were free. In short, the earlier cabinets felt cheaper, with controls a little loose, artwork sloppy, etc etc. But the makers seem to have been listening, with quality improving over time, and the latter machines definitely being more worth it.

    Will still hold off myself, but these seem to be getting better as they make more. And it seems they’re intending to keep increasing the range, which can only be a good thing.

    One suggestion to anyone interested is to look out for the risers they make as well. These things are small, but the risers put them up to a more normal arcade height. Hopefully if Aldi run these again (and I cant see why they wouldn’t) they’ll have the risers as well.

  • Or build yourself an arcade cabinet with 1000’s of games running off a raspberry pi for less than the price of these…

    • Yes, you could (I’ve done it myself), though not everyone wants to do that. People looking for convenience would find these attractive.

      Also, there’s the elephant in the room that those 1000s of games on your self-built Pi box are all illegal roms, whereas the games included on these are officially licensed. Some may like the idea of actually owning legit copies of these games, on a unit that looks very much like a smaller version of the original.

      Having said that I’m still not convinced of the build quality of these things, and I still need to wonder why each cab only has 3-4 games on it. While you can make the argument that the original cabinets only had 1 game and can cost you thousands of dollars, in that case you’d be getting the original game board (not an emulation) and original cabinet hardware and artwork.

      The cabs are also only capable of mono sound (they only have 1 speaker), and this was an issue with the Street Fighter cabinet because the games were still trying to play in stereo sound so you were only hearing one channel. They need to fix that problem especially in cabs like the Mortal Kombat one by either including 2 speakers or by properly mixing both stereo channels into mono.

      • Said similar myself below. These aren’t for those interested in DIY, its for those looking for convenience. And while there are other options, this has everything needed all in the same box.

        Re: Build quality. See above. I think they’ve made mistakes with these, but are listening and trying to do better. This guy got given a couple and talks about the quality without any bias (was given 2 or 3 of em by Arcade1Up)

        The discussion through the vid (12ish mins long) talks about the poor build quality in the past, loose controllers in this set, and how they play. Overall I got the sense they’re trying to get better, and not just cashing in on a retro fad. Which they still are of course, but it felt they were genuine.

        I hope this continues with this new 2019 inclusions, and they get even better overall as there is a clear market for them.

      • My first thought on seeing the article was “are these full size”.

        The second thought was “dammit why are there so few games on them”. I’m not worried about having a machine with a 1000 games on it. But that space invaders machine has TWO games 0_o

        I’d much rather a machine that had say a dozen games. It’s a sizeable cost to buy so I’d definitely want more variety from the games on it. I’d also love to see a “variety pack” type machine rather than a “genre” machine. So I could buy one with a fighting game, a driving game, side scrolling shooter, platformer etc. all on the same unit.

        Better yet, figure out a way to sell the cabinet and make the game a pluggable module (yes I know I’m kinda describing a console). If they did that I’d probably buy two cabinets and as many modules as they put out.

  • I’m surprised the local council hasn’t closed that public toilet in Final Fight at the top of the article. it seems to be a breeding ground for shirtless delinquents, engaging with each other with their swords out. Some are even just waiting on the floor to be desecrated! Not to mention talking about how unhygienic that is.

    Oh. It all makes sense now. I spy that even the local Mayor is taking part!! Make public toilets great again!! Impeach Haggar!!

  • Whilst cool, the poor emulation of these really loses any lustre.

    A JAMMA compatible DIY arcade won’t cost you much more.

    • This is for the people that aren’t inclined to make it themselves. There are a surprising number of people like that.

      While DIY is cool and all, the convenience of these is certainly attractive. The claim is they take ~30 minutes to put together, though the reality is closer to an hour. Its mostly just an allen key with a couple of connectors.

      For those like us willing to get our hands dirty, this isn’t aimed at us. Its people looking for the convenience.

      • I was more meaning there’s plenty of flatpack arcades as well like this that are JAMMA (or even MAME) compatible instead of physically building the cab yourself. lol.

        But I get your point.

        • Yeah, and I have to say, these are not really fun, they are too small really for two players at once, let alone three or four.

  • I doubt Aldi will get more of these. They have been discounted down to half price at a few locations, 500 was way too much for what it is.
    They are a decent buy at 299 or less though.

  • does anyone know if the screen and controls have some kind of standard connector? would be cool to take the cabinet and just throw an older PC in there to run your own MAME?

    • Might want to buy some half decent joysticks though, they’re an emulator so it could be anything, probably what ever connectors were cheapest.

  • I was always down for the Final Fight machine, right up until I saw Burger Time and Caveman Ninja.

    I love Caveman Ninja.

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