The Queen's Golden Wii Has Been Found

Ten years ago, a THQ marketing stunt sent a gold-plated Nintendo Wii console to Queen Elizabeth II. She obviously never received the gift personally, which led People Make Games’ Chris Bratt to wonder: then where the hell was it?

If the Queen never opened it, and THQ are long gone, then it was going to take some digging, but Bratt eventually tracks down the console in the Netherlands and gets to check it out—and meet its owner—in this very nice little video of the whole investigation:


    Great article Luke. You could at least have given us a line about how its new owner acquired it instead of linking to a 12-minute video.

      Yeah it’s more like if this video link was a VHS tape, you’ve just given us the back of the box. A significant portion of your readership reads and doesn’t click the vid.

        A significant portion of your readership reads and doesn’t click the vid.

        And how do you know about that? Got the numbers in front of you? I must be weird then because I clicked on the video.

        Anyway, great story (the lucky duck) and good investigating by Chris Bratt.

          There was an article mentioning it about a year ago. Right here.
          I wasn't being mean spirited, it was simply feedback.

          When i saw it was a video, I left the article. Came back when I saw comments.
          Clicked on Zambayoshi's link, read the article and am happy.

      Long story to short = Buckingham palace never signed delivery, sent back to THQ which folded soon after, employee got it, sold it, eventually ending up at Consolvariations. End of uninteresting story.

    Kotaku keeps doing this and it's honestly fucking lazy.
    Doesn't the editor have some guidelines for them to follow?

      My guess, given the articles Luke has posted today, the editor expects each person to post a number of articles ranging from larger in depth pieces through to the smaller in brief pieces that have been part of Kotaku for ages.

      To elaborate, I doubt the editor expects every article to be a full blown spread, especially when the writer has prob done their big story for the period and I would assume the detail of the in brief pieces would be up to the writer.
      In this case it's a blurb pointing the reader to a video, giving them the choice to pursue if it interests them.

        I don't mind small articles. But other sites at a minimum do a summary. Not much to ask when it's your full time job.

          I was just answering your question man and I couldn't say what is too much to ask for their job, we are just assuming what's expected of them.

          I understand what your saying but I doubt calling folks fucking lazy really constitutes feedback worth entertaining on their end.

            Hey if I came off bad to you I'm sorry cause honestly no bad feelings there.
            But the journalist side I'll keep the tone. But yeah I get what you mean before.

    Worst thing about this is the video it self. The whole 'Lets film it why I do stuff' format pissis me off. YOUR NOT PHILLY D! STOP WITH THE JUMP CUTS!

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