The Secret Warriors Team Up With Spider-Gwen In A New Marvel Rising Animated Special

The Secret Warriors Team Up With Spider-Gwen In A New Marvel Rising Animated Special

Oh wait, sorry, they’re teaming up with “Ghost-Spider.” Somehow, somewhere at Marvel, someone still thinks that rename attempt is a good idea.

Marvel Rising—the company’s female-hero-led attempt to create a transmedia teamup franchise akin to DC’s Superhero Girls brand—is returning for another animated adventure this week. After the first united Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Quake, America Chavez, Patriot, and Inferno as the latest members of the Secret Warriors, the 22-minute-long Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts will see the team attempt to recruit the lonesome spider-hero Gwen Stacy (voiced by Dove Cameron), known to you and I as the one and only radioactive Spider-Gwen.

But, known to the world of Marvel Rising by the codename Ghost-Spider. The rebranding, first introduced to the character after she led her own series as Spider-Gwen for several years, first appeared when Marvel Rising launched, and has since made its way over to the comics, which for maximum confusion, are currently branded as Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider. For extra maximum confusion, it should be noted that Gwen’s actual codename in the comics since she started was always Spider-Woman. Fun!

But it’s still weird to see while Gwen is still riding high off of a wave of hype own spinoff movie…where she’ll probably be continued to be called Spider-Gwen in all the branding and marketing instead of Ghost-Spider. It’s a fascinating thing to watch unfold as one side of Marvel tries to make the name change happen, while another catapults an entirely different moniker to wide recognition.

You’ll be able to see Ghost-Spider-Gwen in action when Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts hits the Marvel HQ this Wednesday, January 16.


  • Its odd just cause the name includes bothe egos… its wierd to think of it as Spider-Peter or Spider-Miles. Spiderman is Peter… but Miles Morales is Miles Morales.

    I just think everyone should be greatful their are enough spiders with unique identities that you get to have choice… rather than deciding which version of Superman sucks the worst and least.

  • While Spider-Gwen is a catchy name for the comic, it doesn’t make sense as an in-fiction secret identity. If I had to guess, they decided against using the established “Spider-Woman” so that (a) it doesn’t conflict with other characters by that name who might show up in the series, and (b) it makes the character sounds older than they’re positioning her here.

    • Man I really dislike that they are not calling her Spider-Woman anymore. She’s her universe’s one and only Spider-person. Miles is Spider-Man and needs no different title so neither should she.

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