The Swedish Are Back In Civilization 6’s Gathering Storm

The Swedish Are Back In Civilization 6’s Gathering Storm
Image: Take-Two Interactive

Sweden are making their triumphant return to Civilization in the upcoming expansion Gathering Storm with a new leader: Kristina.

In anticipation of the February 14 release of Civilization 6: Gathering Storm, a new expansion that adds climate change, Take-Two Interactive have released a video highlighting Sweden’s new ruler.

Sweden is a cultural juggernaut with their unique improvement, the Open-Air Museum, granting additional culture and tourism for the various terrain types that Swedish cities have been founded on. Combine that with Kristina’s ‘Minerva of the North’ unique ability, which automatically themes Great Works in buildings and wonders that fill sufficient slots, and it’s going to be hard to compete with Sweden on the cultural front.

The strong focus on Great People and the civilisation’s unique Nobel Prize ability also mean that Sweden will have a strong diplomatic game.

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Civilisation 6: Gathering Storm releases on February 14.



  • I just haven’t got addicted like I did in 2, 4 & 5. I really like 6 aesthetic but something is missing and the Ai does make weird choices.

    • I just can’t get into 6, and I’ve tried lots of times. I just don’t find it entertaining, and I hate how the AI just suddenly decides to declare war because you’ve triggered their agendas.

      • Really? I’ve never had them declare war without at least one warning message beforehand that I was pissing them off, and a dozen turns of notice on their portrait that their disposition towards me was poor. I guess I’ve just been lucky? I’ve always had some opportunity to try to smooth relations with (unfavourable to me) trade deals.

        • Sorry I was being hyperbolic, they do warn you but it’s ridiculous that one of their agendas is something like “getting luxury resources” when you’re nowhere near them and there’s no practical way to go to war. You can be diplomatically content but if you get that whale tile it’s guns out and battle lines drawn.

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