There Are A Lot Of Beds In Final Fantasy VII

There Are A Lot Of Beds In Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is big JRPG with classic enemies, a shocking death and powerful gods. But the game also has a surprising amount of beds spread around the world. Dedicated fan Signal over on the ResetEra forums spent some time putting together a large collection of every bed that appears in Final Fantasy VII.


I counted 123 beds, which is a lot. If someone had asked me to estimate the number of beds in FF7 before seeing this collection I honestly have no idea what I would have guessed. Like 30 beds?

Impressively, nearly every bed is unique and highly detailed. Some seem really comfy and warm. Others look like they would be miserable to sleep on.


My favourite out of the whole collection is probably this cool looking bed.


Look at that room and those sheets.

This strange collection also has me wondering what other games have huge collections of beds hidden in them. Maybe there’s like 200+ beds just everywhere on some random planet in No Man’s Sky.


Let’s hope the FF7 remake includes all 123 beds and maybe even adds some new sleeping areas. Who doesn’t want to sleep more?

(ResetEra) A Collection Of Every Bed From Final Fantasy VII


  • Video games – JRPGs especially – often have this weird compression thing, though, where you’ll wander into a ‘major city’ and it’s like… seventeen people, tops, all living in maybe six buildings, with perhaps five beds between them, one of which must always be reserved for travelers.

    One of the crazy things that FF7 did really well that was pretty unusual for its time (and frankly, even today) was make Midgar an actual city. Like… a place that could feasibly house thousands and thousands of people, even if you only ever see a few of them in any street or district at a time.

    • Yeah, game populations have always been out of whack with reality, particularly with RPG’s. Very few games manage to pull it off. Even something like Skyrim is vastly underpopulated for their city sizes.

      Cyberpunk is going to be a little jarring to me because its going to be the opposite. Really hope it works because that alone makes the game different to most.

      • The vast armies of Stormwind, with its hundreds of thousands of troops who die on a daily basis against the Horde, are recruited almost exclusively from a dozen farms in Westfall, Redridge, Elwynn and Darkshire, with perhaps two dozen buildings in total, between them.

        I guess this is explained by the tug-of-war oddity that is warfare in a magical world where resurrection spells don’t even have a cooldown.

        • I think the thing is that the game’s map isn’t really canon with the story it tells.
          It’s not to scale.

          • Well that was kinda the point, though. Games have been doing that for a while. Even today, free of memory constraints, traversing realistic, believable space is time-consuming and boring. It’s why games like GTA and Watch Dogs take the real world cities they’re mimicking and shrink them to about a tenth of the size, retaining only the landmarks. And there’s ancient 8-bit constraints like memory which had developers doing weird tricks with colour values to pack as much variety as they could into a cartridge, and had them creating entire nations and continents which consisted of a handful of ‘towns’ boasting no more than five buildings each. Everything was taken as a ‘not to scale’ metaphor, a representation that was to be transalted by the player’s imagination.

            Which is where I was noting that FF7 really bucked the trend by making its capital city more believable in how it presented how many people might realistically fit inside it. It was trickery, sure, but it was effective.

        • How many women of child bearing age are there in those dozen huts…? :p Even accounting for only a couple of thousand per server, thats a lot of babies in a short period of time, and very little before or after. Those hundreds of thousands of troops are loosely the same age.

          Was more thinking of how many inhabitants a city has rather than the player characters as well, but thats an extra layer I guess. How many NPC’s can you find in Stormwind for example, or Ironforge? Its nowhere near the volume a city of Stormwind’s scale and grandeur should have, even allowing for wartime. Which would roughly be a mile.

          Given it only takes 5 minutes to run from one side to the other, at best, thats not even the size of a suburb of a normal city. So even where theres some vague justification like WoW they get the scale wrong.

          The only WoW city I thought felt properly populated was Orgrimmar. And I cant remember any beds there…

    • i love this post.. makes me wanna go and see it all again!
      i wish they had some coffee table books of FF7 artwork and random stuff like this

  • Looking at those pictures, I now want someone to document every toilet in the game.

    • Sounds like you’re a Stanley Kubric fan. (He had a bit of a toilet fetish in his movies).

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