There’s A Power Rangers Fighting Game Coming In April

There’s A Power Rangers Fighting Game Coming In April

Coming in April from nWay, the developer and publisher of mobile fighter Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid pits rangers and villains old and new against each other in battles across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and eventually PC.

nWay’s teamed up with Hasbro and Lionsgate to tap 25 years of Power Rangers history for Battle for the Grid. According to the official announcement, the fighting game eschews complicated controls in favour a more simplified system, stating “the depth is knowing when to strike, not how.” Sounds like a variation on a mobile fighter to me.

The game will launch in April for the Switch, Xbox One and PS4, with cross-platform play enabled across all three platforms and a PC version coming at a future date.



  • My dream power rangers game would be;

    1) Theme is the Shattered Grid storyline.
    2) Needs to be done by NetherRealm Studios, no restrictions.

    • The controls and fluidity of combat in netherealms games are not great compared to say capcom or arc. It always feels stilted

  • I’m pretty sure the guy at the end of the trailer is the original actor of the Green/White power ranger (Jason David Frank)

    • Green/White/Red (all firsts), yes he is, the 80’s yellow ranger and red ranger also apper at the end of the movie.

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