This Could Be The Tokyo Hotel For Manga Lovers

Image: Manga Art Hotel

Next month, the Manga Art Hotel is opening in Tokyo. With 35 guest rooms, the hotel has around 5,000 manga titles for guests to read.

Massive manga libraries have long been a draw of net cafes and manga cafes, which, thanks to private booths and showers, make a viable option for those travelling Japan on a budget. However, what if you’d like to stay in a modern, slick-looking pod hotel? And what if you still want to read a bunch of manga?

Photo: Manga Art Hotel

That seems to be the niche Manga Art Hotel wants to fill.

Obviously, most of the manga will be the Japanese language versions, but there are also English language editions as the hotel is aimed at global guests.

Image: Manga Art Hotel

All manga have Japanese and English language commentaries.

Image: Manga Art Hotel

The Manga Art Hotel is located in Tokyo’s book district of Jinbocho. One floor is reserved for men, while the other is for women. As Japan Trends reports, it will be accepting reservations later this month.


    Hope they realise, just like the game bars over there, they need to actually licence these for Public showing since they are not a library.

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