This Is Not A Human Fashion Model, But A CG Person

Image: CGWorld

Meet Imma. On her Twitter page, she describes herself as a virtual model and proudly declares, “I want to attract humans to the fashion show.”

Sounds good to me!

Her name Imma is a wordplay on the Japanese word “ima” (今) meaning “now”.

According to IT Media, she was created by Tokyo-based CG company Modelling Cafe and recently graced the cover of CGWorld magazine.

Imma’s Twitter and Instagram feature her in a variety of locations.

But she’s CG.

Image: CGWorld
Image: CGWorld
Image: CGWorld

And yet, she even takes selfies.

Imma certainly seems to be a product of the times in which we live.


    Whatever happened to that other CG fashion model, Lightning?

    Close but it's still got that uncanny valley creepiness to it

    That's not CGI.

      How? Doesn't CGI stand for Computer Generated Imagery?

      This pretty much fits the term.

        I remember back at the Tokyo games show they had a "Robot/Android" to promote Detroit become human I believe, turned out to a model.

        This looks way to real for me to believe it, most CGI I've seen still looks "soulless".

    Pretty impressive, I'd believe it if it was revealed later to be a real person superimposed into the shots. There are a few where the lighting and shadows on the surrounding scene (not on the model itself) don't look natural.

    A porcelain asian is easy, show me a grizzly tradie in his 50s covered in soot, sweat, and drinking a schooner.

    So that's what happened to Max Headroom.

    I'm wondering how they did it though because the cloth physics are more impressive if they're CGI too. Otherwise did they have a person in a mo-cap suit model the clothes and then super-imposed the CGI model over them? Is that really any more impressive than airbrushing in Photoshop?

      Cloth sims like Marvelous Designer are pretty amazing now days. Couple that with some properly scanned pbr materials (sub surface scattering, reflection and normals can be scanned pretty easily now) run through substance designer and you have some very realistic looking cloth.


    I really don't think we need talking mannequins rn.

    They spent so much time on her they forgot shadows in the pictures...

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