Undertale Cameos At Wrestle Kingdom Main Event

Image: NJPW World

It's only the first week and we've already got a strong contender for crossover of the year. Making his entrance for the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 13 - New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestlemania - Kenny Omega changed his usual attire for an Undertale cosplay, with incredibly appropriate music to match.

Not only was Kenny Omega the defending IWGP Heavyweight Champion coming into this match, he is a magnificent nerd. Many of his signature moves get their names from video games - from the V-trigger to his finisher, the One-Winged Angel. He even contributed a game of the year article to Giant Bomb, along with rival Xavier Woods.

It was a small but happy surprise when Omega named Undertale his game of the year this year. It was an even greater surprise when he released a video titled "Kenny's Quest" that was originally planned to be a part of his Wrestle Kingdom entrance. "Kenny's Quest" was a collaboration between Omega, Toby Fox and several artists that contributed to Undertale.

That's right. The creator of Undertale worked with a professional wrestler to make a promotional video and it's awesome.

Only a small snippet of the video could be seen on the screens as Omega made his entrance, where his usual Final Fantasy-esque music was replaced with Undertale's Hopes and Dreams. To top it all off, his costume was a reference to Kris from Deltarune with a few modifications to suit Omega's own character.

After the important bit was over, Omega defended his title against NJPW's Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi. Think something along the lines of Hulk Hogan or John Cena but with more fabulous hair. You can watch the match and the rest of the event at NJPW World.


    Kenny Omega changed his usual attire for an Undertale cosplayhis costume was a reference to Kris from DeltaruneOne of these statements is wrong...

      "Undertale" as in the franchise "Deltarune" as in the specific game the costume was from. Fixed.

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