Use Your Old Game Cases For Organising Your Drawers

There's a good chance that most gamers will have some older cases lying around their house, whether they're from older console generations or the PC CD-ROM era. Collectors and nostalgics might still love having those relics on display, but for most people those cases are just taking up space. But instead of getting rid of those old cases, there's a neat use for them instead.

Rather than dedicating valuable bookshelf space for games and CDs you won't use anymore, or getting rid of them entirely, you can use those cases to help organise your drawers. Redditor NeverDeploy showed off the lifehack in action, using Xbox 360 and Xbox One cases to turn a cluttered sock and undies drawer into a neater paradise:

Using your old game cases to separate/organize your clothes from r/lifehacks

It's not just the sock drawer that benefits from this trick, however. Because the cases aren't fixed into the drawer, you can adjust the size and spacing quite easily. That makes it handy for organising kitchen utensils (like your longer knives, potato peelers and such), or cable drawers. Either way, chances are you've got a few game cases lying around the house that aren't being put to use. So if you're thinking of turfing them out, grab a couple and get a little more organised instead.


    If anyone uses these for their kitechen utensils, its going to start looking nasty realy quick.

    Although I think this is a pretty useless "lifehack", it's still much better than what I do with my DS game covers... keep them on my desk to collect dust on the off chance I want to read the covers and just in case I trade in the games under some delusional pretext that I'll get more for them if they have their original covers (This is not a thing, it has never been a thing, why am I like this?)

    I’m 2019 can we please stop all this ‘life hack’ nonsense? It’s embarrassing

      Sick of generic 2 minute noodles? I've got this life hack to make your own gourmet 2 minute noodles in just 4 hours.

    I've got a lifehack where you can turn those games into eBay products for people that actually want them and make money instead of mistreating them like this. Suikoden is sacred.

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