Watch Darth Maul Play Beat Saber 

Watch Darth Maul Play Beat Saber 

Ray Park was the actor who portrayed Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I. While not the best Star Wars film, many fans love Park’s Darth Maul and have been wanting the former Sith Master to try out the VR game Beat Saber.

Sadly, PSVR doesn’t support a staff saber. But regardless, Ray Park seems to be doing pretty well in Beat Saber.


      • There’s zero lag in the headset. The image is reprocessed and sent on to the TV. Since the TV isn’t important when it comes to VR, there’s no use in using increased resources to sync the TV image.

        Then again, the video above does make the lag look way worse than what it is.

  • Uhhhh guys, there 100% is a darth maul beat saber mod

    Theres a whole bloody youtube channel dedicated to playing beatsaber with a doublesided lightsaber!

    There are dozens of songs made for doublesabers!

    Do some research before you say a thing isnt real!

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