What Are You Playing This Weekend?

People tend to watch a ton of movies and TV shows when they're on a long haul flight. Me? I work through my backlog on the Switch.

I'm flying out this evening to Las Vegas for CES, and on the flight over I've got two games in particular that I'm looking forward to smashing out. The first is Pool Panic, the Adult Swim-published game that looks like it does for pool what Golf Story did for golf.

As in, the game has nothing to do with pool beyond some of the base mechanics. I'm totally down for that.

The other game that I've been eagerly waiting to get my hands on is Super Mario Odyssey. When we originally got a code in our offices, we received precisely one. Mark took that at the time, and I moved on to cover other things.

I'd thought more about Odyssey after watching Tegan play Crash Bandicoot on the Switch. Seeing her love for how Crash throws different levels and mini-games (of a kind) at the player, I suggested that she might be keen on Odyssey as well. So, knowing that I hadn't played Odyssey yet, she got me the cartridge for Christmas.

Not a bad win-win.

So that's what I'm playing over the weekend. What about you?


    Working my way through the Spiderman DLC and 100% all the things in it.

    Witcher 3 freshly modded on my PC. Who knew gamepad's on PC felt so right? Not me. Not until recently.

    Not sure yet, but Captain Toad, Diablo 3 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey seem like probable contenders, depending on my mood. I have Guacamelee queued up too, and if my friends are keen maybe some Vermintide 2. Too many post-Christmas games... x.x
    Pool Panic is awesome, an underated gem. And Odyssey will rock your world. Enjoy, Alex. :)

    might try to play wow a bit and see if the break ive been taking has helped me get back into it. will likely spend most of my weekend playing Fire Emblem Warriors on switch though.

    I have been doing another playthrough of Bioshock Infinite.

    Picked up Lords of the Fallen during the Steam sale, and started playing last night, so will probably keep going with that - I'd played a bit on PS4 back when it came out, but never really gave it much of a chance, and I've been itching for something with methodical combat (and Sekiro is still a long way off).

    Also, probably some Destiny, maybe some Hitman 2.

      For similar reasons I picked up The Surge, which was on sale on PSN. It’s ok.

        The Surge came out just as I was finishing up with Nioh - the combat was unbearably slow by comparison, so I bounced off it pretty hard... onto Bloodborne, in fact, which I loved... but it's been long enough now that slower combat isn't as frustrating as it was, so I'm actually enjoying LotF thus far. I might have to give Surge another shot before Sekiro ruins slow combat for me again :P

    Pillars of Eternity 2, soooo wordy but my squad is going good and it fills that RPG / Loot itch that i have.

    Forza horizon 4, got the ferrarri FXX and now working towards a sweet lambo.

    Battlefield 5, might even play some of the story and try to cheeze some achievements if they haven't already patched this.

    Total war Warhammer 2 - really need to get around to finishing my campaign, AI has thrown some shitty plauge or something in my home town and need to sort that out.

    War of Rights and 'the hunter:COTW'. Gonna get me a brace of Yankees and find the beaver that ate my tent.

    I finished the B-story of Nier Automata, and excitedly looking forward to my C and D playthroughs after the "preview" they showed at the end of the credits!

    Also played more of Celeste, probably about 3/4 through that. Had wanted to finish it too but that never happened.

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