What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Weekends are a time to unwind and relax. Or intensely concentrate for hours on end, if you enjoy racing like this bloke.

I will not be racing on the weekend, although I will be kicking off two weeks of annual leave which I'm very excited about. I'll have my Switch with me, and I'll end up playing through Super Mario Odyssey at some point, as well as pushing Team Psyduck to the Final Four.

I really could use Hyper Beam on my squad of ducks, and soon. I'll also be catching up with my brother and sister-in-law, who are avid gamers, so I'm sure we'll play a board game or two at some stage. That'll be fun.

But what about yourselves? There's a ton of games to catch up on from 2018. Did you get gifted something for Christmas and you're still working your way through, or are you returning to an old classic?


    Probably more RDR2. I'm at the bit after shady belle, but up north hunting for legendary animals and other pelts.

    Possibly some MH:W as well, but the lack of pause function is not compatible with taking care of a 4 month old. Took me a lot of tries to beat Anja!

    Am halfway to the third ending of Nier Automata (or Near A Tomato as I keep calling it), and in the final region of Celeste, so gonna finish those off before Guacamelee 2 hits X1 next Friday

    Working through a Factorio game with a couple of mates, some Rocket League, and probably some Guild Wars 2 on the PC side of things.
    And for the Switch, it will get some Mario + Rabbids action, along with Smash Bros

    Ashen. Some of you hardcore Souls fans will probably laugh at me, but this is my first attempt at a Souls like game and I'm struggling!! I think I'm pretty close to finishing it, but I'm up to about my 10th attempt on the current dungeon I'm up to.

      Ashen is a great game. I haven't played more than an hour of souls games cause they make me sick.
      Where are you? Are you playing alone? and what equipment are you using?

        I'm up to 'Heart in Shadow'. Playing alone. I think I'm currently wearing the Defiler Veil, and switching between a Tyrannical Maul and Forgone Axe with Malik's Shield.

          You have a mini dungeon to go after this one. Not too hard though.
          Having a second person can help a lot. During my run, I was kind of the tank, while my teammate would attack.
          Gefn's blessing negates all Damage on first hit. Useful, useful talisman.
          Defiler Veil is actually pretty weak in terms of defense. There is Lathatian Armour in that dungeon which is the strongest armour in the game. It also uses the most stamina.
          I believe there is at least 4 armours before the Veil which are stronger than it. Iirc, I kept my Bandit's plate until the end game.
          Are your weapons ash forged?

            I find the defiler viel to be a good middle ground, I don't like the high stamina cost of the strongest armour. But I could give it another try since I'm struggling.

            Weapons are Ash forged +5

              You can use Relics and talismans to counter the higher stamina costs.
              Try a couple of combinations.
              Also turn on AI partner if you haven't.

                Put on the strongest armour & shield and beat it first try! +7 Ash infused weapons helped too. Thanks for the tips.

                Great game!

                  No problem. Glad I was able to help.
                  There's only one mini dungeon and boss left and you've completed the game.
                  Best of luck!

    I'm hoping to play more strange brigade with @sernobulus. We've already finished the campaign once, but it's kinda like L4D in that it has that replay-ability.
    It helps that each of the characters are interesting to play. Each one has their own benefits. Plus they all share weapons, so anything you unlock for one, unlocks for the other characters as well.
    I got a Shockgun last time I played. It's a shotgun with electrical damage. Nob got a scarab launcher.
    We've gotten a lot of the relics and the cat, but none of the canopic jars and we still need some of the literature.

      One of the next games on my list. Having a look at Mutant Year: Zero first though.

      Loving all the Indies on Game Pass

      Last edited 11/01/19 12:37 pm

        I'm not sure it's an indie per say. Plays much more like a large title.

          Charges more like a AAA title

      Dang. That just made me want to play Left For Dead 2 on modern consoles :(

        This is the closest thing...If left 4 dead was set in 1930's Egypt with a narrator.
        The narrator is pretty funny. The puzzles are pretty easy though, which sucks in a way, and the guns are fun to use.
        I found I was prefering a rifle, where as I would normally use smg's. There are hoarde sections, where you have to survive waves and each new enemy is introduced with it's own cutscene, including a terrible pun, reminiscent of the movies of the 1930's. In between they encourage exploring and aforementioned puzzle solving.
        I wouldn't say it's worth $60 though. Probably $40, especially since it looks like there there are more cases being created as DLC.

          Sounds pretty good though! Might pick it up cheap down the track. I was always quite partial to shotguns and automatic rifles in L4D2 :3

            Yeah, that's the plan for me. It's currently free on the xbox game pass and I was always interested in it.
            I wouldn't pay full price, mainly cause there is so much DLC that is like $10 each and the campaign is only about 7-9 levels. But it's just one of those games that is great to pick up and play with mates.

    I'll be playing some Warframe mostly as I try to unlock the last junction but I feel like I might take a break as well and get back into Nightmare mode World of Final Fantasy.

    What Remains of Edith Finch since it's free on the Epic Launcher and I've never played it before.

    War of Rights. I'm addicted.

    The Hunter: Call of the Wild, when my other half starts harassing me for getting too loud on chat with option 1.

    AC Odyssey DLC, Resident Evil 2 demo, pokemon, that will probably do it ;)

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