What Games Did You Miss From 2018?

There's not enough time to play everything, but every year there's always a few games that we strive to return to later.

I've included a shot of Red Dead Redemption 2 here, mostly because it's the largest title that timing kept me away from. I'm fortunate in that I've watched my partner play a chunk, though, as well as digesting all of the coverage we've had over the last few months.

The two games that I'd really like to get off my plate are BattleTech and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I'm itching to get back to Final Fantasy 15 and Shadow of War at some point.

Unfortunately, the aircon in my house is nowhere near my computer. It's been hot as balls over the last week, so I've been knocking out games on the PS4 and Switch instead (including grinding my way through the mindless slog that is Smash's World of Light). The gorgeous turn-based strategy Wartile is another one that's been sitting in my Steam library for a while.

Still, I'll have some time (courtesy of long haul flights) over the coming weeks to work through a few Switch games. Pool Panic seems like it'll be my kind of thing, but I'll find out soon enough.

What games did you miss from last year that you're hoping to get to in due course?


    I missed most of the big AAA games this year. I'm probably being an old fart but I'm getting a case of the same ol' same ol' from a lot of games.
    Been more concentrating on games from smaller publishers, although there have been standouts this year, I was a bit disappointed with 2018.

      Same as me, missed all of the AAA's from last year. Won't rush to play any of them, but I'll get RDR2 one day.

      Signed up for Xbox game pass, so I'm going to work on playing through a few of the smaller titles. Currently playing Ashen which has been great so far. The next 2 games on the list are Below & Mutant Year Zero.

    God of War. Started and never finished.
    Clearing out the backlog (Xenoblade X Wii-U... a goliath of a game)

    Never got around to Red Dead or the new Tomb Raider. Red Dead because I don't have enough hours in my life for many games that size anymore. Tomb Raider just sort of got lost in the noise of all the other games.

    I mostly played Indies on the switch this year.

    Red dead and Spiderman. Could not be bothered with cowboy simulator but very close to picking up Spiderman.

    Red Dead 2, GoW and Spiderman, i bought them all. Red Dead 2 just didn't hook me in and i haven't started GoW and Spiderman yet.

    If RDR2 ever comes to PC i may give it another go.

    I missed a few of the side-scrollers - The Messenger, Dead Cells, Monster Boy. I'm a big platformer fan so keen to get to them. It's been a great year for the genre from what I did get to with Celeste and Guacamelee 2.

    Just Cause 4
    Yakuza 6
    Dragon Quest XI
    Divinity Original Sin 2 (console version came out this year)

    The common theme here is that if your game requires 40+ hours of my time, you're probably going on the wait list until I have time for it, by which point I'll be buying it on sale for under half price. Under 20 hours and you're probably a day 1, full price purchase :P

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