A Cosplaying Transformers Band Playing Led Zeppelin

The Cybertronian Spree are a band who specialise in covers of songs from games, anime and movies. And, when the mood takes them, Led Zeppelin as well.

That’s a fun enough premise on its own, but then, they also do it cosplaying as Transformers. And it’s really good cosplay, too! Aesthetically pleasing, accurate to the source and best of all, practical enough to still allow for crooning and double kicks.


    Plunkett, that was straight up awesome.
    I also like that the band's name is a play on the Polyphonic Spree.

    What? No Omega Supreme or Metroplex? Disappointed! :p

    I'm so conflicted about my new found feelings for RC.

    Ok, these guys have done Hunger, Dare, Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way, and The Touch from the 1986 Transformers soundtrack... yet we get this song as an example... Thanks Plunkett, minimal reporting and "research" as usual.

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