A Frighteningly Accurate Analysis Of Smash Bros. Ultimate's Politics

Wii Fit trainer does kinda seem like she’d call the cops on black teens.

A Frighteningly Accurate Analysis Of Mario Kart's Politics

Wario is a libertarian. Bowser is a fascist. We know this about them, in our hearts, but no one has ever sat down and categorized the political leanings of the Mushroom Kingdom's best-known residents.

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Just as they did with Mario Kart, Art House Politics have assembled the roster of Smash Bros. Ultimate and tried to nail down each character’s political leanings. And once again the results are terrifyingly accurate.


    ugh ok well done you got some clicks luke

    Deleting comments now Kotaku?

      It lists this article as having two comments.

      When comments have been deleted the total amount of comments you see next to the article link on the main page will be higher than the number of comments here.

        There were two other comments here that have since been deleted.

          Yeah I saw one of the comments and honestly it was pretty tame. I'm a bit disappointed tbh.

      Were they criticising the author? I know in a few cases when I've done that it's been deleted and then they claim you're violating rules, inciting harassment, etc.

      Strange thing is that it's mysteriously never explained how you've done anything of the sort... I mean I for one would just really love to see the mental hoops being jumped through to make those connections to some things I've said int he past.

        Nah I think they were just pointing out the laziness and asking the staff to do better. Mine was snide as usual though.

        I think it was just people being entitled jerks as usual. No great loss.

        I simply stated that it was not "terrifyingly accurate". Alex and co delete things I type (and sign me out) at the slightest things I infer. These people are far more concerned with comments pertaining to criticism towards themselves than actually managing a community successfully. We all see how bad it gets during some of the more cultural/sociological discussions. People get mean and inhumane.

        Yet when you are able to neatly diminish an article without using foul language and insults, you get deleted. And then signed out.

    Omg just checked out the channel, the Zelda Shrine Support video is gold!

    Last edited 03/02/19 10:28 am

    This is stupid. In order for it to be "frighteningly accurate" wouldn't Nintendo have to release a list of each characters "politics"?

      Careful, I got the same sentiment deleted. We have to stick to criticism of each other, not Kotaku contributors.

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