A Nice Collection Of Video Game Footwear

If you’ve ever looked at an insane pair of sneakers or boots in a JRPG and thought “oh those are nice”, you are not alone.

Video Game Kicks is a compendium of sneakers, boots, sandals and other weird strappy pieces of footwear, mostly found in JRPGs, all cropped and highlighted away from the rest of their flamboyant outfit for your viewing pleasure.

There are examples from games like Rival Schools (top), Final Fantasy XII, Persona 5 and Xenogears (left). But weirdly none from Splatoon, the modern epicentre of video game footwear, so that’ll have to change.

There’s a lot there to scroll through, but if you’ve got a favourite pair you’d want to shout out, there’s a submission form for contributions at the top of the page.

Chuji Wu’s sneakers from Tobal No. 1


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