A Truly Iconic Gaming Mouse Is Back

A Truly Iconic Gaming Mouse Is Back
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Wind the clock back a decade, and head to any LAN tournament around Australia. Quake 3. Counter-Strike. The four blokes who were into Painkiller. Unreal Tournament. It doesn’t matter what the game was, you’d see a common thread amongst all the players. A Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 or 1.1a. Maybe a Razer Deathadder here or there. And amongst those, and arguably more popular, was the Logitech MX518.

The iconic gaming mouse, a favourite amongst pros and aspiring players for its reliability and the curved indent on the left side, is finally getting a refresh.

Logitech, which has been knocking it out of the park in the last couple of years with their gaming mice, announced earlier this morning that the fan favourite MX518 would be getting re-released in 2019.

It’ll be called the G MX518, retaining the same shape as the original. It’s selling for $US59.99 internationally and, like the original, will have a cord and weigh around 102-103g. A listing isn’t available on the Australian Logitech site as of yet, but the US page says the G MX518 will ship with the same 16,000 Hero sensor and a 32-bit ARM CPU for a 1ms report rate.

Internationally the MX518 is priced just below the wired Pro Gaming Mouse and the Logitech G403, meaning that we should probably expect the G MX518 to sell for around $80-90 in Australia (as the G Pro wired mouse retails for $99.95). We’ll keep you posted when international pricing and availability is announced, though.


  • I had an MX510 which was easily the best mouse I’ve used. So comfortable, nice responsive buttons and a great wheel.

    When that died, I was shattered, I tried so many different mice, but nothing compared until I got my hands on the G400s which is pretty much an exact copy apart from the colouring.

    Logitech need a mouse like this permanently in their line-up, so 10 years down the track when our mice finally give up, we have a replacement.

      • Yeah true, the cord’s kinda stiff and heavy too. I’m looking into new feet but I don’t think I trust myself enough to install a paracord just yet.

      • I wish they sold replacement feet that were easy to buy here. I have a bout three mice that still work fine (sensor wise) but the feet are so worn away that I’ve started wearing the whole bottom of the mouse flat (including an old MX518).

  • Fantastic news!
    Birds ate my old MX518 wheel and I’ve been putting off replacing it for months now. It still works fine, the wheel just has no rubber on it.

  • My mx518 is still perfectly operational, keep it as a spare. Moved to a Roccat Tyon a year or two back which has a very similar shape, only more buttons..

  • I have been holding on to me WoW era MX518 as I can’t seem to find a mouse that is as good. It’s rocking a replacement borderlands body after the original buttons died but its still going strong. This will be on my must-have list, thank you Logitech

  • Yeah I had an mx510, amazing mouse. The only brand I’ve found comparable to this since is steelseries’ sensai and rival products.

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