Alien: Isolation Is Now A Webseries, Full Season Airs Tomorrow

Image: Creative Assembly

It's not the sequel that people have been begging for, but at least it's more Alien: Isolation.

IGN announced this morning that the Alien: Isolation game was being turned into a web series, pairing up with 20th Century Fox to release the seven-part series through IGN's YouTube channel from tomorrow.

"20th Century Fox has expanded on Alien: Isolation by taking the cut scenes from the 2014 game and adding in new story beats to bring the tale of Amanda Ripley to life in a whole new way," the video description says. A teaser for the series is below.

The seven Alien: Isolation episodes are scheduled to go online at 0400 AEDT / 0300 AQST / 0330 ACST / 0600 NZST / 0300 AWST tomorrow.


    Looking forward to the three-episode mini-arc where Ripley spends the entire time hiding in a locker, while holding her breath and waiting for the the Xenomorph to go away. /s

    In all seriousness, this is exciting. Isolation is one of my favourite games of all time. If it gains enough traction, maybe it will provide enough leverage to make a sequel.

    It will be interesting to see how well the story stacks up in this new medium.

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    I hope it doesn't retcon the game too much. And I also hope the last episode leads into a sequel announcement. Starring a Newt clone.

      If we get that I'm literally just going to play it and say "They mostly come at night...mostly"

    That's really cool! It just came to Game Pass, but given its apparent length I'd rather just watch the story really now.

    On a semi-related note: Did you guys realise that Alien Resurrection is actually a great addition to the franchise and everyone's negative opinion on the film is incorrect and disrespectful to Xenomorphs?

      Everything after the first two is garbage. This is my correct opinion.

      resurrection could have been improved by a director that could speak english (and therefore understood that the script wasn't supposed to be read seriously) and better special effects, especially on the baby human/xeno offspring thing

    I'm interested and will watch it. But this isn't what I wanted. I already know the story.
    I was excited for some kind of animated series, but I wanted something new.

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