Alien: Isolation Is Now A Webseries, Full Season Airs Tomorrow

Alien: Isolation Is Now A Webseries, Full Season Airs Tomorrow
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It’s not the sequel that people have been begging for, but at least it’s more Alien: Isolation.

IGN announced this morning that the Alien: Isolation game was being turned into a web series, pairing up with 20th Century Fox to release the seven-part series through IGN’s YouTube channel from tomorrow.

“20th Century Fox has expanded on Alien: Isolation by taking the cut scenes from the 2014 game and adding in new story beats to bring the tale of Amanda Ripley to life in a whole new way,” the video description says. A teaser for the series is below.

The seven Alien: Isolation episodes are scheduled to go online at 0400 AEDT / 0300 AQST / 0330 ACST / 0600 NZST / 0300 AWST tomorrow.


  • Looking forward to the three-episode mini-arc where Ripley spends the entire time hiding in a locker, while holding her breath and waiting for the the Xenomorph to go away. /s

    In all seriousness, this is exciting. Isolation is one of my favourite games of all time. If it gains enough traction, maybe it will provide enough leverage to make a sequel.

    It will be interesting to see how well the story stacks up in this new medium.

  • I hope it doesn’t retcon the game too much. And I also hope the last episode leads into a sequel announcement. Starring a Newt clone.

  • That’s really cool! It just came to Game Pass, but given its apparent length I’d rather just watch the story really now.

  • On a semi-related note: Did you guys realise that Alien Resurrection is actually a great addition to the franchise and everyone’s negative opinion on the film is incorrect and disrespectful to Xenomorphs?

  • I’m interested and will watch it. But this isn’t what I wanted. I already know the story.
    I was excited for some kind of animated series, but I wanted something new.

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