Plague Inc. Is Adding An Anti-Vaxxers Scenario

If there was one game where dealing with the rise of science denial seemed appropriate, it would be Plague Inc..

Late last week Ndemic Creations, makers of Plague Inc. and Rebel Inc., revealed that they'd been inundated with requests to add a scenario ... about anti-vaxxers. The studio replied, saying that they'd already released a "Science Denial" scenario last year. But the volume of requests kept coming, so the developers made a cheeky promise: get the below petition up to 10,000 signatures, and they'll see what they could do.


With the petition nearly doubling Ndemic's goal, the developers acquiesced. The original petition asked for anti-vaxxers to be added as a buff, and Ndemic early this morning that they'd add anti-vaxxers into the game "soon".

The game already supports multiple options for plagues, and I'm sure "Stupidity" would fit nicely alongside viruses and fungii.


    Anti vaxxers the definition of western entitlement. Imagine third world countries eliminating polio and then some stupid couple from France rocks up and fucks everything back up again.

    If there is anything in this world that should he bipartisan it should be the enactment of laws that restrict people's right to forego vaccines.

      Dont have to imagine... in the news this week. An unvaccinated French child has imported measles into Costa Rica. 10 years after the last local incident were they have declared themselves measlse free. They already started quaratine and booster shot 20 people but they have to cover a whole plane and hotel full of travellers.

    I recently watched 'Behind the Curve' about flat-earthers and the anti-vaxxer issue was added as part of some discussions. I really like the way that several of the scientists in that context spoke about engaging with and talking to these people rather than just dismissing them or worse yet being rude.

    Often these are people already at the fringe, that is why they distrust 'the herd'. Calling them stupid will not make them go away or change their views, and unfortunately their views can have devastating implications for all of us.

    Short take? Watch 'Behind the Curve' for an insight into certain ways of thinking that may be completely different from your own. It does a great job at looking at how these groups come together and gain momentum. It also takes lots of insights from amazing scientists and other professionals about how to work in a positive way.

      Just watched that as well, totally right about not just dismissing them a few of the scientists actually respect some of the flat Earthers for the scientific process the were using (the laser that didn't work).

      They aren't all stupid people if they were educated properly early enough the may of been great scientists.

      I did laugh at the end with the flashlight and he was just dumbfounded, like what the fuck that's not supposed to happen.

      When you are putting a child's life in danger due to your idealogical views, you lose any right to being treated fairly.

      They're ignoring photo evidence proving the earth isn't flat.
      That sounds pretty stupid

        Not to mention that if it was flat, you'd think somebody would have gone and taken a photo of the edge. Hell, there would be package holidays to go see it.

    What's worse the fear of your child having Autism(the whole Vaccines can cause Autism has been debunked time and time again), or your child literally dying due to your own arrogance from a disease that has been pretty much eliminated... Hmmm yeah real tough choice

    When you see that one person downvoting all the comments, probably for "science"

      Appears to have no comment history that I can see. You think it's an anti-vaxxer and/or flat-earther that actually went to the trouble of creating an account just to downvote comments on this article? Surely not...?

        I mean they go to the trouble of getting Child Protective Services called on them sometimes because their kids are literally dying so it's not that much of a stretch.

      I doubt they will reply but no harm in trying.

      @kethic we summon you to justify your downvotes.

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