Watch Respawn's Apex Legends Reveal Here

After Kotaku reported that the makers of Titanfall would be a free-to-play battle royale game, developers Respawn have revealed the game's name: Apex Legends.

Gameplay will be officially unveiled via a livestream at Tuesday 0300 AEDT / 0200 AQST / Tuesday midnight AWST / 0500 NZST / 0230 ACST. Various influencers and streamers have begun promoting the game (although various details have already leaked) on Twitter.

A Free-To-Play Titanfall Battle Royale Game Will Be Out Soon

A new Titanfall spinoff is in the works, and it’ll be out sooner than anyone could possibly guess. In fact, internet rumours (and word from our own sources) suggests that it’ll be out this Monday.

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The stream will be broadcast through the official Apex Legends Twitch channel below.


    First MOBA, then Battle Royale? What will be the next big game mode to sweep the world by storm?

      I miss the Titanfall MOBAish tower defency mobile game.

      It became pay to win as you leveled up of course, but was genuinely a fun time waster that was more intelligent than it should have been with its design.

        I played that a lot until it became obvious that unless i was willing to start putting some serious money into it, i couldn't compete.

        Hope this fares better.

      I reckon it's about time for history to repeat so Arena Deathmatch.

        I actually wouldn't be surprised. Arena Deathmatch is kind of a very compressed battle royale, with respawning.
        You spawn in, albeit without any control over where, then you gotta run around and find good weapons, and then kill people.

      I thought it went MMO>MOBA>Battle Royale.

      I remember back when it seemed like every major franchise wanted an MMO.

        Gee you are right! I forgot about MMO! Probably because there were so few survivors to tell the tale.

    So Titanfall but without the Titans? Who thought that was a good idea?

      The mobility and general gameplay of a pilot is also pretty damn good in titanfall, so i think this will be quite fun.
      I too would prefer it to somehow involve titans too though.

        Don't get me wrong, being a pilot in Titanfall is fun, but without the Titans this just feels like a waste of potential. Without the Titans, this just feels like everything else, free-running or no.

      I really hope the “no wall-running” rumour is rubbish along with the leaked characters that look like Overwatch rejects. Faceless grunts plz

    On topic though. Titanfall 2 is my goto MP game so I am completely down for this!

      Do people still play? Serious question. I wanna jump in again but thought it was dead

      Last edited 04/02/19 6:02 pm

      What platform are you playing on and in which region? I miss it so bad. I smashed it on ps4, was my goto game for 18 months. Totally recaptured my interest in online fps.

        I play on xbone in the Aus region at night. You mostly get Attrition but damn it's fun

    'The stream will be broadcast through the official Apex Legends account, which went publicly live later today.'

    Time to buy a sports almanac.

    Free to play
    Battle Royale

    Something tells me this will crash and burn and take the studio with it. Im betting its a last attempt for the studio to show EA they are profitable.

      They have Star Wars Jedi: fallen order later this year.

      Being honest, this sounds more like a recycling of assets like the F2P version of BF2. The core of Titanfall is good, and runs on pretty low end hardware as well.

        I dunno. It seems to me like this is a low effort asset flip of a game just to drum up some revenue. Similar to why radical heights was made.

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