Aussie Broadband Just Launched A Killer NBN 100 Deal

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Aussie Broadband has a pretty good NBN deal on at the moment, with contract-free, unlimited data plans starting at $79. As an added bonus, you can also get your first month free.

Aussie Broadband is consistently rated as one of the best NBN providers. The ACCC’s latest Measuring Broadband Australia program rated them #2 for peak hour speeds (behind TPG.) This means you can expect to hit the maximum advertised speed at least 85.8% of the time.

New customers can currently get their first month free. As previously mentioned, there's no lock-in contract with these plans, which essentially means you can test out the service for free over a month. If it fails to meet expectations, you can then cancel without paying a cent. Hurrah!

To get the deal, use the discount code 'TV1FREE' at checkout. Here are the available plans. (Click on our interactive tables to see the full list of inclusions.)

NBN 50 (Unlimited Data, $79 per month)

NBN 100 (500GB, $85 per month)

NBN 100 (Unlimited Data, $99 per month)

If you're not using excessive amounts of data, we'd plump for the $85 NBN 100 plan. This nets you 500GB data per month and the highest speed that Aussie Broadband offers. You can see how it compares to rival NBN plans in the guide below.

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