Aussie Fan Recreates Exclusive Star Wars Montage For All To Enjoy

Aussie Fan Recreates Exclusive Star Wars Montage For All To Enjoy

At certain Disney theme parks, like Echo Lake or Disneyland, there’s a particular attraction with a special Star Wars montage. It’s basically a mash up of the first six Star Wars episodes, covering the journey of the Jedi. It’s basically a condensed version of the films, and it’s one you can only see at Disneyworld. Until one Aussie fan got involved.

If you haven’t seen it, Path of the Jedi is basically a 3D film with some special effects. Structurally, however, it’s just a mashup. So, as Emmett Redding thought, there’s no reason a fan couldn’t recreate the experience for themselves.

Especially when, as Redding wrote, the attraction was closed on the day him and his partner tried to attend. Which was on their honeymoon.

“Disappointed that I didn’t get the ‘real’ experience, I decided to open up my editing program of choice and get to work rebuilding Path of the Jedi, shot for shot, in high definition,” he wrote.

Cutting together clips from six films, unsurprisingly, turned out to be a substantially bigger job than first envisioned. After reviewing crappy phone footage to get a reference point, Redding then had to recreate all of the effects and changes implemented:

I then had to work frame by frame matching different transitions to poor quality reference files, and also meticulously recreate the added effects and changes by eye to make things look just right. For the audio I listened through more than one hundred audio recordings of the music from the series, looking for the many different versions of the various themes that are present to match the right ones. For the sections where I was unable to find the right track I had to make my own version of the audio by mixing together multiple phone recordings I was able to find.

A comparison between the source material and the final fan product. Image: Emmett Redding

Redding’s Path of the Jedi remake, which runs for just over eight minutes, can be viewed below. It kicks off with a great blend of old Obi Wan Kenobi interspersing details from the first three films, before following Luke Skywalker’s arc more closely. There’s also a Vimeo link, because we all know what Disney are like.

Redding’s has a full breakdown of how his remake came together, along with plenty of comparison shots, here.

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