Community Review: Apex Legends

There was only going to be one game this week.

After being leaked on Twitter and then freefalling out of nowhere last week, Apex Legends has become one of the early hits of 2019. It's been a nice surprise, not only to have a fresh battle royale that does a ton of interesting things, but also some vindication for Respawn given what happened with Titanfall 2.

The Best Part Of Apex Legends: The Pings

There's already a lot to appreciate about Apex Legends: the performance is solid, the movement is smooth, the gun mechanics are rock solid and the environment has plenty of variety. But by far and away the game's best aspect? The pings.

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The ping system alone is one of those things that I wish every other multiplayer shooter would implement. It'd be nice if people implemented more specific binds for the callouts they want, instead of accidentally calling "ENEMY" and then going "oh sorry I pinged the wrong thing".

But that's miles better than people constantly calling "there" and buggering up the comms, or trying (and failing) to give out a directional coordinate using the compass at the top of the map.

Apex Legends Adds Some Good Twists To Battle Royale

Titanfall development studio Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale game, Apex Legends, came out yesterday afternoon for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. I played it into the night and was intrigued by the ways it tweaks the battle royale format.

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A sour point in my experience has been regular crashes. I've had some nights where the game has hard bombed to desktop, courtesy of a DXGI error, over ten times. It's happened at the start of the game, in the middle of a firefight, and in the final three teams - and there doesn't seem to be a consistent reason. I've seen it happen to others as well, albeit not consistently, but it'd be nice if players could reconnect somehow.

But that's my only major gripe. In all other aspects, the game has run like a dream.

What about you, though? If you've been playing Apex, what platform, and how's it been?


    After playing a whole lot of PUBG, Fortnite and Blackout, I thought I'd have BR fatigue...

    I can't stop playing Apex Legends. Send help.

    Honestly, I haven't had a 'just one game more' experience in so long, it's really refreshing. I stayed up till 2am last night, and now it's Monday morning and I'm cursing myself, but no ragrets. AR is more of the same with SO many great QOL improvements that I can't help but love it. The pings, the respawn points, the bright plumes of smoke, the tight controls, the lightning quick speed of games, and seamless matchmaking, not to mention the addition of the classes and class abilities. I'll be playing this one for awhile.

    Is it worth giving a go for anyone that doesn't really get into fortnite, overwatch and pubg?

      I don't like Br games. At all. I only bothered touching this because Titanfall is one of my favourite series ever.

      It's excellent. I've put in 25 hours since launch and I'm neglecting a lot of other games I really love (RE2 for example) because a co-op multiplayer shooter with really strong teamplay mechanics, excellent feeling shooting, and about a million fixes to the normal BR formula seems to be all I want right now.

      For real. It's great.

        Cool. I enjoyed Titanfall and played those so I will definitely give it a go.

          I'm GreatestPokedad on Origin.

          FYI - I'm not very good.

            Cheers. I might have to try it on the ps4 first as it's a pro. My graphics card seems to be ageing now with the new releases. Plus in my older age, I am turning into a Controller heathen.

        Playing with friends or solo?

          If there's someone on my friendlist playing, I'll play with them, but the community so far has been really good. I've only had one annoying kid do something stupid and tell us he can do what he wants.

          The game forces 3 player teams, BTW. It's pretty much the perfect team size and the matchmaking is fast as hell. Dropping in and out of friend teams is easy, too.

            Sweet. Hopefully all the annoying kids stay in fortnite.

    This game, put simply, is fantastic. It's a great game.

    Loved Titanfall 2 thanks to the weight and physics of the gameplay. This pares down that experience into something a lot more accessible (less insane mobility and robots) and it works beautifully for this type of game. I haven't enjoyed BR games (bounced off fortnite and pubg in a matter of days) in the past, but I'm really having fun with this and it's great with friends. Really pleasant surprise and the free model is as non-invasive as you can get. I really like it, well worth the bandwidth!

    Big fan of Fortnite and Quake Champions.
    After giving Apex a try, i'm gonna stick with quake champions for my goto first person PVP game.

    Apex looks very promising but quake champions combat feels way more tight and perfected. Apex feels very 'loose' to me.

    Going to say thanks for the unexpected population bump in Titanfall 2. From Apex Legends success I've had a few games of TF2 last few days.

    Not quite as good as I used to be, but pretty good > <.

      Population in Titanfall 2?!?

      Tonight is robo punch!

    Vastly the best of a shit genre full of asset flips, lazy cash grabs, gimmicks that are meant to set each of them apart and fortnite.

    Just needs some touch up work with balance, QoL changes and the usual bug fixing.

    I'm a huge PUBG fan. Didn't like Fortnite and not a fan of Apex Legends. I've only played a couple of games but much prefer the realism aspect of PUBG. Apex Legends has certainly been done well though, it is a very polished experience.

      I think the more sedate (until it isn't) pace of PUBG is more my speed. It's taking me quite a while to unlearn some of the PUBG tactics which don't suit Apex's fast and dynamic movement.

    I love it!

    Bu I'm terrible at it, so probably won't play it any more :P

    Not sure if anyone will recognise my username, but in the week leading up from the leak to its release i was vocal about how i though this game would suck.
    In my opinion they were taking out the only 2 things that really made titanfall great (titans and wallrunning/super mobility), so i thought it would just feel like any old shooting game.

    Boy was i wrong.
    After playing quite a lot with a mate we are both having tons of fun, the controls are tight, it runs fantastically, the map is very well designed in size and variation of height and terrains and the 'hero shooter' part makes for an interesting change from other BR games. Plus while its not AS mobile as a 'proper' titnfall game it is still pretty darn mobile, with just generally fast movement, the sliding, decent mantling/parkour and environmental stuff of balloons and ziplines.

      It's always awesome to see someone admitting when they were wrong. Not enough of that on the internet.

        Yeah, i figured credit where its due. Plus a game being better than i think is always something i'd be happy to be wrong about.
        I mean i would stilll love a version with the full mobility of titanfall 2 but i cant deny that what they've done here did work out pretty damn well.

      Hey man, I thought the exact same thing when I heard there were no Titans.

      Now look at us. Crying like a couple of girls.

        haha yeah, im super (happily) surprised with how the game ended up

    The existence of Apex Legends makes me wish I'd never bought Blackout. Especially because I bought it on PC, where nobody ever plays it.

      Yeah, I'm basically going to burn Blackout to the ground and salt the earth around it. You're dead to me, can-opener!

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