Community Review: Far Cry New Dawn

Last week was chockers in terms of releases. So we're going to spread the community review out a little this week, and we'll start things off with the heavily neon-coloured backdrop of Hope County, Montana.

I'm talking about Far Cry New Dawn, a direct sequel to Far Cry 5 which takes place in the same town. Mechanically, most of what was in FC5 has returned, and some of the thematic threads in Hope County have returned a little stronger, too.

But as Heather found, New Dawn was structurally more coherent. The art direction is definitely a strong point, and Seed is a stronger villain - not a great one, but more fleshed out nonetheless. Hope County is very much a literal Garden of Even in New Dawn, something that becomes powerfully apparent when you begin doing expeditions into the bombed out, grey wastelands outside of Hope County.

Far Cry New Dawn: The Kotaku Review

Mechanically, Far Cry New Dawn is the same game we’ve been playing since 2012’s Far Cry 3. Underneath the gloss, it is more complicated but one message rings clear: Even in Paradise, there will always be snakes. And you, Player One, will get to kill them in the most spectacular ways imaginable.

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It's a faster game than Far Cry 5, and a smaller one. That might be worth knowing if you deliberately skipped Far Cry 5 out of concerns with how much meaningless stuff Ubi tends to jam into these games.

But for those who have jumped back into Montana, how have you found Far Cry New Dawn?


    Only played a few hours on Xbox. Just jumped back in to a Farcry game and ran with it. Its very much the same although the graphics seem to have this weird haze put over them. Like your watching the screen through some fly screen wire.

    Playing on PC

    The Good:
    - You get to the open world pretty quickly, there's no tutorial (might be not good if you haven't played a FC before).

    - Dumb fun, had plenty of laugh out load moments from interactions, audio and text logs.

    - Mayhem simulator, you cannot go very far without stumbling into a situation and then dealing with the ensuing fallout.

    The Undecided:
    - Base building, I see it as an externalised perk tree. I guess balancing the decision of what resources you're going to chase down at this point in time. However you have to return to the base to do the upgrades, which takes me away causing and reacting to mayhem in the open world.

    - Expeditions, I see these as HQ Farcry arcade maps. The objective and the sequence of events is straightforward, so playing with others will be hoot in this framework. I am concerned the roster of maps will get dull. Can we expect additional maps post launch? Given the lack of Arcade integration I doubt it.

    The Bad
    - Holy Monetisation Batman! Gosh darnit are they only going hard on "buy this stuff to become more kickass". There is NO escaping it, there's a bigger conversation that needs to had around this.

    - Hired guns voice lines. THEY NEVER SHUT UP. Honestly Timber (the doggo) is the best companion anyways: he floof, he spot things, he can scout ahead, he can sit in the front passenger seat, he doesn't repeat the same dam voice lines OVER AND OVER again.

    I'd been wanting to play some more Far Cry 5 so this being largely more of the same appealed. And if you played 5 you know exactly what you're in for. It's kind of neat seeing post-apocalyptic versions of locations from 5 and finding out what happened to the citizens of Hope County after the bombs dropped. And this player character doesn't have a problem with pets riding in cars, which is nice. There seems to be a pretty big difficulty spike in chapter 2 that took me by surprise, I find myself avoiding enemies rather than killing everyone I come across like I did for the first 15 hours. Recommended for fans of the series, I'm loving it but at the same time I really hope they change things up more next time.

    I'm one of those dudes who just enjoys the gameplay loop of Far Cry games and will play them religiously. This is more of the same with a slightly more focussed design sensibility. In other news SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME GET THE COOP TROPHY ON PS4 I'M DESPERATE MY PSN NAME IS HOOBIUS8 OH GOD I'M SO LONELY

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