Community Review: Metro Exodus

Community Review: Metro Exodus
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Now that everyone’s hand a chance to have a leisurely wander through the hellscapes of a post-apocalyptic Russia, it’s time we had a chat.

Nathan and I have both offered plenty of thoughts on Metro thus far. And, for the most part, the game turned out largely how we expected. Venturing beyond the Russian metro system is infinitely more immersive and eye-catching, even though it’s more of an adventure with open world elements than a fully open world, per se.

Just like Last Light, patience is definitely a virtue. It also – and no spoilers here – ensures you’ll get the best ending too.

Metro Exodus Reminds You That Patience Is A Virtue

Gamers are used to being rewarded. We do an action, and if we perform it well, you get something in return. Metro Exodus does not subscribe to this philosophy.

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Metro Exodus: The Kotaku Review

I take my anxious first steps into a desolate post-winter wasteland. All around me, I hear mutants scratching and snarling. One sights me. Three more follow. I rise to fire my rifle. It jams. I feel frightened, vulnerable, out of sorts. But also, at home, like I’ve stumbled into a lucid dream shared by Far Cry 2, STALKER, and of course, Metro 2033.

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Of course, there are the usual 4A quirks. The voice-acting, at least in English, is patchy across the board. And while there are some highlights, the player character Artyom is still completely silent. That still ruins some of the cut scenes, for my money.

And then there’s the jank. I wrote about getting HDR going on Exodus with all the RTX features hasn’t been great, although I’ve since heard that HDR wasn’t playing nicely for people on PS4, either. And then you’ve got the game’s litany of clipping issues. There’s some quirks with the animation, especially where the faces don’t match up in cutscenes. And then there’s that odd floatiness with aiming that throws all the mechanics off just a tad.

But I’ve still had a ton of fun. It’s just one of those games you have to get into a rhythm with, especially if you don’t want to be burning precious bullets all the time. What about yourselves though – how have you found the latest Metro? And for those on PC, did you skip it because of the Epic debacle?


  • When I initially started playing it I hated it. The dialogue, voice acting, Artyom not talking but instead tap-dancing through the environment. I ran out of bullets, got the shits and stopped playing. Picked it up again a couple of days later and started again from the start and it just kind of clicked into place. I love it. The environment is so nice and creepy that I want to keep exploring it even though it will most likely mean I’ll run out of bullets or something. It’s the rare kind of game where exploration is its own reward (and very likely the only reward for doing it). After the initial jarring accents and dialogue I actually find some of the best bits (like previous Metro games) is just listening to the characters converse. It’s obviously not a game that will appeal to everyone but I love it now haha

  • I found the intro level, so reminiscent of the awkward old, tunnelly Metro, made me want to hurt myself. As soon as the game opens out into the sandboxes, however, all the customisability of your gear really comes into its own, letting you approach each situation how you want to. A fine balance of stealth / horror / scavenging / shooting.
    I tried switching to Russian language audio that’s been so widely recommended and while it sounds better, everyone in this game talks and talks AND TALKS, which made it really difficult to keep up with the thread of a conversation while trying to file down an iron sight / shoot a toothy winged monstrosity / sneak past a ghoul.
    There’s something absurd(ly jolly) about all your companions and their endlessly peppy approach to the apocalypse, but I think it might be infectious, because I’m having more fun with the nuclear future than I’ve had in a goodly long time.

    • There is definitely a lot of background chatter. Makes reading / keeping up with the subtitles really quite hard. Visuals are 10/10

  • Discord offers a better revenue split than the epic store, yet also doesn’t enforce exclusivity.
    Support discord instead.

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