I Made This GIF & I Hate It

There was a new Pokémon Detective Pikachu video released over the weekend and in it we see some new scenes and a better look at some beloved Pokemon, like Bulbasaur.

But we also see what a Lickitung looks like in this new realistic style.

I hate it.

I’ve been a big fan of what I’ve seen of this film so far. The Pokémon creatures look good, the story seems like a great fit for a film and I like the cast. Then this thing opened its mouth and made me question this whole “Pokémon in the real world” concept.

Hopefully this is just one disturbing moment in an otherwise fun film. It can’t all be this gross ... right?

Lickitung and Pokémon Dectective Pikachu hits theatres May 9.


    Can we avoid more of this sort of shit coming over from the US site?

    ...and made me question this whole “Pokémon in the real world” concept.Boy, I hope this author never learns about Nature Documentaries... or about animals for that matter...

    Dang I guess if they have to cram all the pokemon into the movie you're going to have to see that monstrosity at some point!

      Its a third of a second. It might not be able to be unseen, but it can be forgotten.

    You made a bad gif so you could make a news article about it?
    Must be a REALLY slow news day

    I will take the less cynical route and say that this article was a bad way of saying "hey, new Pokemon movie trailer"

      That would have been far more acceptable. All I have seen so far from Zack Zwiezen is click bait crap.

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