Detective Pikachu’s Ryan Reynolds Tries To Pass Off Bad Parenting As Method Acting

Detective Pikachu’s Ryan Reynolds Tries To Pass Off Bad Parenting As Method Acting

Ryan Reynolds announced a new trailer is coming tomorrow for Detective Pikachu, while also taking us inside his super-serious acting process.

But it sounds like it was also a way to try and explain to his wife, Blake Lively, why their daughters may not want him to pick them up at school anymore.

In a new parody video, Reynolds went “Outside the Actors Studio” for a glimpse at how he got into the character of Detective Pikachu for the live-action and computer animation hybrid film of the same name, which comes out May 9 locally.

He shared how he “spent the entire year” as the character. He studied Pikachu’s history, learned his mannerisms. He even tried to lose over 82kg so he could be the same size as the character, at least until doctors intervened.

According to Reynolds, the method acting for this ultra-serious role started the day he learned he was cast in Detective Pikachu, leading to an unforeseen event that can only be described as mild child endangerment. “I was on my way to pick up my daughters from school when I heard that I got the role. I didn’t show up at [the] school because Detective Pikachu, he doesn’t know who those two little girls are,” Reynolds said. “Who are they?”

Lively, who also appeared in the parody video, popped in to remind him that he knows who they are, they’re their daughters and he abandoned them at school. And they’re probably not going to go see his movie in the theatres after that, because actions have consequences buddy.

And in a stroke of what can only be described as genius, Lively also said the one thing we all know to be true about Reynold’s performance as Detective Pikachu. The thing we’re not supposed to say, but come on, we’re all thinking it.

“I mean, he didn’t even change his voice. It just sounds like him,” she said.

Thank you Blake, for being the voice of reason. And Ryan, stop method acting and go pick up your kids. They’ve been there for weeks.


  • Ryan Reynolds has one character he plays repeatedly. But the stroke of genius is he can play that character depicting a different emotion, which makes it almost a different character. Brilliant.

    Because he clearly rolled an 18 for Charisma straight-up upon character creation, he can keep getting successful dice rolls for career moves due to the base modifiers stacking to make him impervious to failure, whereas I wasted all my skill points after levelling up trying to have sex.

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