The Genie Stars In Aladdin’s Latest Trailer

The Genie Stars In Aladdin’s Latest Trailer

Now I know where all those horrific parallels with Shrek are coming from.

The latest trailer for Disney and Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin, which drops in local cinemas on May 23, dropped earlier this morning. The primary star this time around is Will Smith’s bright blue genie, which mirrors the beloved look from the original animated film.

There’s not many lines from Will Smith here, although the small indication we get seems like Smith has taken a wisecracking approach to the character. That’s befitting not only Robin Williams’ classic performance – although his hyperactive speed can’t really be replicated – but also harks back to the days when Will Smith was one of the biggest stars on the small screen.

Along with Will Smith, Noami Scott and Mena Massoud will star as Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. We’ll find out how they all mesh together in Disney’s world in just over three months.


    • The main actors so far are:
      Jasmine: Noami Scott – Uganda-born Gujarati Indian
      Aladdin: Mena Massoud – Egyptian
      Will Smith: Will Smith – African American
      Jafar: Marwan Kenzari – Of Tunisian heritage
      The Sultan: Navid Negahban – Iranian American
      Jasmine’s Handmaiden: Nasim Pedrad – Iranian
      Some Prince guy (from NORWAY): Billy Magnussen – white guy
      Jafar’s Right Hand guy: Numan Acar – Turkish born German
      Captain of the Guard: Robby Haynes – British African (I think)
      Frank Welker is doing voices as he always does, and he’s a white American.

      So what the fuck are you talking about, my dude? They’ve done a great job with NOT white washing it, if anything.

      • I haven’t looked into any of this, I’m going purely off what I saw in that 1 minute trailer.
        With the exception of CGI blue Genie, they were all very fair skinned and Jafar lacked an Indian accent.
        Based on that list, good on them.
        For me though, I expect an Aladdin movie to look and feel more “Slumdog Millionaire” and less “John Carter”.

  • Ooof. Jafar doesn’t looks sinister or old. He looks like that annoying preppy kid whose parents pay for everything… like what Draco Malfoy in the first book but as an adult.
    -edit- also doesn’t Jafar pretend to be an old crippled man when he takes Aladdin to the cave?

  • Now this is a story all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down.
    And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I got stuck in a lamp for 15 thousand years.

    • In the desert of Arabia, born and raised, in a magic lamp where I spent most of my days, chillin out, maxing, relaxing all cool and being all powerful Genie of blue

  • What a CGI-fest of a trailer that was, way too much of it and it all looks bad. Stick with the original animated movies.

  • I didn’t think it was possible to be racist towards blue people, but somehow Will Smith managed it.

    Also, Jafar looks like a cosplay of himself.

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