Far Cry New Dawn Adds A New Way To Replay Outposts

Far Cry New Dawn introduces Outpost Escalations, which not only give you the option to reset and recapture an outpost, but which also increase the difficulty of the enemies inside of the outpost. This allows for a chance at greater rewards to spend on your main base of operations, allowing you to outfit that base with better weapons, vehicles and stronger AI companions.

Outposts can be tackled three times, with the third time being the most difficult. The game breaks down enemies and weapons into four ranks. Attacking level 2 enemies with level 1 weapons will take a bit longer.

Each time an outpost is reset, not only does the level of enemies increase, but so does their firepower and their access to weapons like mortars and flamethrowers.

In the video above, I ran through the same outpost three times in each difficulty to show you how it ramps up.


    not sure I follow what's going on, aside from you murdering people 3 times over...

    I guess the last difficulty you got discovered?

    Gotta say this sounds like padding

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