Far Cry New Dawn Players Love The Judge And Think They Know Their True Identity

Far Cry New Dawn Players Love The Judge And Think They Know Their True Identity

Set immediately after Far Cry 5, New Dawn features only a handful of characters from its immediate predecessor. One of those characters is The Judge, a mysterious creature whose identity players think they have finally cracked.

In Far Cry New Dawn players can find a silent and helpful gun for hire simply named The Judge. This gun for hire never speaks, unlike other gun for hires who will often talk about events happening around the player or locations they visit. The Judge will occasionally make some grunts and groans, but that’s it.

While The Judge might be silent they have still built up a big fan base. A lot of New Dawn players love The Judge. On Twitter and Reddit, fans are sharing artwork of the character and sharing photos with the silent warrior. Some even think The Judge is cute! “Who needs co-op when you’ve got The Judge,” said Reddit user hxcdrummer.

But who is The Judge? The character never talks or takes off their mask, so it takes a bit more digging to figure out who this masked friend might be.

New Dawn spoilers ahead!

Sprinkled throughout the game, fans can find clues and conversations that heavily hint at the The Judge being The Deputy from Far Cry 5.

The Deputy was the player character from Far Cry 5. They were a young rookie officer who became wrapped up in all the cult killing business of the that game. Along the way The Deputy helped the folks of Hope County fight and defeat Joseph Seed and his deadly cult.

A conversation Carmina has with The Judge seems to be one of the most direct hints of the character’s real identity.

In Far Cry 5 players help Nick Rye and his wife with the birth of their first child, a baby Carmina. In New Dawn, Carmina is now an adult and will mention to The Judge how her parents told her the story of how The Judge, before they were silent and wore a mask, helped during her birth.

So what happened to the hero of Far Cry 5?

It seems after the bombs fell and destroyed the world, The Deputy became a believer in Joseph Seed. Players can find a note which heavily implies this is the case. In the note it seems The Deputy wants to help “judge” the world and seeks forgiveness and too be reborn. So why does The Judge never speak?

One theory is that Seed and his cult cut the tongue out of The Judge’s mouth. Fans point to a conversation The Judge can have with the granny sniping Nana. She wants to help The Judge which makes The Judge cry. When she asks them to speak and tell her what’s wrong, The Judge just cries more.

Based on all of this evidence and more clues found in New Dawn, it seems certain that The Deputy and The Judge are on in the same. Though Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed this yet. I did reach out to them, but they didn’t respond with an answer.


  • What would have sealed the deal, if Ubisoft created a system that read your save file to determine whether the Judge is male or female depending on who you played as in Far Cry 5.

  • Hi team, love your work, but this one’s riddled with spelling and grammar issues. Just needs a quick clean-up.

  • I haven’t played either FC5 or FC:ND but new immediately that the Judge would be the protagonist from 5. That’s how obvious it all was.

  • That’s cool and all but I don’t think there’s is any way in hell I would’ve become a believer in Joeseph Seed, none of the story or the endings ever made me feel like Seed was anything more than a mental case.

    Now if you said they cut out my tounge because I eventually tore Joesephs throat out with my teeth, I would be more willing to believe.

    • Don’t forget the Deputy was doped up to the eyeballs on Bliss and eventually Stockholm Syndrome would have kicked in.

      • I know, but I’m just going off my experience as the character in the game.
        Despite the drugs and brainwashing, at no point did I feel for or identify with Joseph. (especially in the way FC has built its villains in the past)
        I had realised around about the time he tells you about his wife and daughter that he wasn’t a multifaceted character with a complex story and motivation, he was a psychopath.
        (Also made me realise I might not get to kill him at the end either, again because of how FC’s plot tends to go)

        I get that these games tend to have a canon story and a players choices don’t always match that canon, I’m just looking at it from my own play through.

  • If you follow the photo collectable quest one of the notes mentions the woman how horrible it was what they did to the deputy..but never says outright what it was

  • Pastor Jerome straight up calls The Judge “Deputy” when he starts a conversation with them, and then he talks about how the Dep and Joseph were trapped in the bunker together. If that’s not solid idk what is

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