Finally, An RTX 2080 Under $1000

Finally, An RTX 2080 Under $1000

PC gear can be expensive stuff, especially when it’s necessary for things like ray-tracing and a decent frame rate at 4K. The latest generation of graphics cards have upheld that tradition by hovering around $1100, but finally at least one of the higher end cards is dropping to something a fraction more palatable.

The RTX 2080, which has been selling for $1099 for most of the year so far, is getting knocked down to $949 for two days by MSY from tomorrow. It’s currently priced at $1149, which is on the higher end given some models are available for $1020.

The discounted price, which was advertised through MSY’s Facebook page this morning, won’t show the discounted price until tomorrow. You can see that post below.

This is one of the best prices on the RTX 2080, which is good considering the RTX 2080 Ti and RTX Titan are still costing more than what most people spend on their entire gaming PCs. But for those do spend a bit more on their rig, and have been holding onto a 900-series Nvidia GPU or something equally old from AMD, this is one of the better deals.

It’s especially well timed given the Radeon 7, which is competing directly with the RTX 2080, is going for at least $1099. You’d probably still prefer the Radeon 7 if you’re doing any graphical work outside of playing games. But for those who just care about a high frame rate, $949 is the best deal so far. (Note that if you do grab a Galax-branded RTX card, you’ll also be able to redeem the purchase for a free Anthem or Battlefield 5 code here.)


  • Not sure which would benefit me more. Going from my GTX 1080 to this, or upgrading my old i5-2500 to something more modern.

    • Probably the CPU, unless you’re specifically after ray tracing capabilities. Of course that would mean you’d also need to upgrade the motherboard and RAM (most likely).

      Just an observation, the RVII card has 16GB of RAM compared to 8GB on the RTX2080. In fact the “cheap” RTX card is one of the lower specced versions. Nothing wrong with Galax the brand (I have a GTX1070 from them) but there are definitely better cards.

    • Would that cpu with a 1080 be bottlenecking? I would check that. If so go for the cpu. The price/performance increase from a GTX 1080 to a rtx 2080 is not huge. Especially if you aren’t to concerned with Ray tracing.

    • I have a 2500k (at 4.4GHz) with a 1080ti (which is pretty similar performance to the 2080) and I’ve found that at 4K 60Hz, usually it’s still the GPU that bottlenecks, although there are some frame drops/hiccups from the CPU.
      At 1440p 144Hz, it’s typically CPU limited (a lot of newer games I can’t get any difference in FPS between 4K and 1440p for example).

      It will vary from title to title but these are the most extreme/worst cases I’ve found. And anything 1440p 60hz or lower, you’re unlikely to see any significant improvement with either upgrade.

    • @drsleepless ‘s comment is correct. The non-Ti 2080 performs around the same as the 1080Ti from memory, which is a small/moderate improvement on the non-Ti 1080 but probably won’t deliver the performance improvement you’ll be wanting to see. If the 2080Ti is out of the question (and its pricing definitely rules it out for many people), I’d probably upgrade your CPU and hold off on GPU until the next generation or a deeper discount.

    • You should see around a 50% performance increase. If it’s worth the upgrade depends on how you do your GPU upgrade cycle, but I think if you’re doing ‘every other generation’ then the 2080 is worth a look. Expect moderate RT performance though, the non-Ti model has fewer compute units.

    • It’s difficult to compare performance since even with the same game, the builds are completely different. On paper, the PS4 Pro’s GPU is capable of 4.2 teraflops, while the 2080 rates at 10.1 and the 2080Ti rates at 13.4. The PS4 Pro has 8GB of GDDR5 memory, while the 2080 has 8GB of GDDR6 and the 2080Ti has 11GB of GDDR6.

      The practical margin involved is difficult to predict, but it’s safe to say the card outperforms the console by a reasonable margin.

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