Fire Emblem: Three Houses Launches July 26


Fire Emblem: Three Houses will release on July 26th on the Nintendo Switch. There’s some serious Hogwarts and Final Fantasy 8 stuff going on here, with a mercenary academy and multiple houses to pledge loyalty too. I seriously can’t wait.



    Is there a character creator or are you playing as a set person in tgis one?

      If it like the previous ones there will be a limited character creator.

      There will be a choice of male or female character but their appearances and story are predetermined.

    I was a bit disappointed to see them wearing school uniforms in battle but I'm sure that will only be for a short time in the overall story.

    Still I'll be getting this a short time after release.

      Yeh, after a little while, the big bad (I assume the guy we see toward the end of the piece) will reveal himself, and the player character will join the Knights of Seiros in full, before embarking on the main story quest.

    Man, for some reason this made me wish they made a Final Fantasy Tactics that looked like this.

      That would be great, hoping they revive the series at some point.

    The characters look nice but the world looks really ugly to me, muddy, low detail and poorly textured. I'm sure if you're a huge fan of Fire Emblem then there's plenty to love, but to someone who has never played an entry in the series it isn't making a great first impression.

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