First Look At Astral Chain From Platinum Games

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Bayonetta, Nier Automata, and Vanquish developer Platinum Games debuted its latest Switch game: A mecha-powered cyberpunk action game called Astral Chain.

The game play seems to be a mix of Neir: Automata and maybe a bit of Bayonetta too, with characters playing along side a robotic/cybernetic companion to fight an evil force threatening what appeared to be a futuristic Tokyo.

The release date is set for August 30, 2019.

Platinum Games also passed on that Bayonneta 3 is still in development, so we might see something come E3.


    At first i thought it was A psycho pass game. Then XCX 2. Then SMT. Then i saw the witch time and knew platinum was doing something nier'y.

    I want this very much, but also all of those other things!

      Watch that all get announced at the next direct! ;)

      Could've sworn the guy with glasses is just straight H.B.

      I initially thought it was SMT:V, realised it wasn't and felt a tinge of disappointment which, in turn, faded very quickly. This looks awesome!

    Remaster Vanquish you cowards

    Can never go wrong with Platinumgames. Always loved their action games.

    This has me super excited. It looks like the parts of Freedom Wars I enjoyed most recombined as the kind of stylish action game I enjoy. You also get a doggo to ride, and you can BE a doggo. Instabuy.

    It looks really cool, I dig the police uniforms, reminds me of Oni a lot for some reason.

    I still hope we get a sequel or continuation to the Wonderful 101 some day.

    Seems like Platinum have finally hit the big time. It's long overdue. They've been making excellent games forget and only ever found mild success.

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