Fresh Gameplay From The Outer Worlds

Image: The Outer Worlds

Still scheduled to come out some time later this year, The Outer Worlds is one of the early bright spots for gamers so far this year. More gameplay from various combat sequences has just dropped early this morning, and it's a welcome sight so far.

At a glance, The Outer Worlds looks like a stylistic blend between Fallout, Bioshock and the Borderlands series. The footage below, uploaded as part of a month-long feature on the action RPG by Game Informer, shows off some of the VATS-esque bullet time mechanic (called TTD, or tactical time dilation), shows off various thugs, their movements, cinematic finishers from one a companion NPC, as well as the in-game UI.

Some of the companion specials almost have that cinematic camera you see in the XCOM games. The TTD mechanic is also designed to be upgradable and usable enough for those who struggle with shooters, but there are other upgrade paths and perks you can take if you're comfortable with combat.

The Outer Worlds is due out later this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


    I’m getting a Boarderlands x Fallout x Mass Effect vibe. And that’s no bad thing.

    Easily at the top of my most wanted list

    A little concerned about how consolized it looks. Most of that could be fixed with good PC options, UI tweaks and some overall polish, though. Looking forward to seeing how it plays.

    Very much Fallout 4 in space, I'm okay with that as I never had any issues with Fallout 4 and thought it was enjoyable enough to finish twice.

    the only worry is their games tend to be very bugged and poorly optimised.


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