Get An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of The New Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy Comic

Get An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of The New Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy Comic

Though each of Steven Universe’s Crystal Gems are powerful heroes all on their own, there are times when situations call for them to come together and fuse with one another in order to create new beings especially suited to handle the task at hand. Steven Universe’s fusion-centric plots have always been some of the series’ best, and soon the fusions are coming to the world of comics.

Fun as the fusions all are, their appearances in the Steven Universe animated series tend to be rather sparse (save for Garnet) given that the individual gems very much like being their own people – and one imagines getting guest stars in the studio to record lines for the fusions is a bit of a hassle.

But if you’ve been waiting for more stories about the fusions, Boom Studios’ new Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy comic might be just the thing you need.

The comic features five new stories from moments in the Crystal Gems’ lives when fusions — Garnet, Stevonnie, Sugilite, Smoky Quartz and Opal — were the key to saving the day.

Each story within the 40-page one-shot is being crafted by different creative teams: Writer Sarah Gailey with artist Maurizia Rubino, writer JY Yang with artist Doki Rosi, writer Steve Foxe with illustrators Xiao Tong Kong and Cristina Rose Chua, writer Nicole Andelfinger with artists Mollie Rose and colourist Jamie Loughran, and writer Anthony Oliveira with artist Ver.

The comic hits stores March 13, but you can check out an exclusive sneak peek at right here:

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