Here's 14 Minutes From Left Alive

Launched earlier this year in Japan, Left Alive is coming to the West next week. Chances are you missed all of that, however, so here's 14 minutes of gameplay to get you up to speed.

The game is a survival action shooter, according to Square, which also happens to feature a ton of mechs. The game looks like it's pulling from Metal Gear a lot, which is understandable given some Metal Gear alumni like Yoji Shinkawa and Takayuki Yanase are helping development.

Left Alive launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox on March 5.


    This doesn't look like, ahhh how do I say this, the most modern of games mechanically, but I am hopeful that whatever crazy bullshit story and Shinkawa designs they're rolling out makes up for any raggedy gameplay issues.

    Saw this start popping up on the Steam featured page, and it looks super intriguing. I'm surprised I haven't heard more about it, given how close it is to release.

    I also got a big Metal Gear vibe from the playstyle and art/themes. That's got me very curious.

    Is it set in the Front mission universe Wanzer are what they call their Mechs in that series?

    Looks interesting and the visuals appear to be retro-ish and charming.

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