Here’s Apple’s 2019 Lineup

Here’s Apple’s 2019 Lineup
Image: Apple NYC

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Ku released a report overnight that detailed all of the new Apple products that we can expect in 2019.

And boy is there some big news in there, including a massive new MacBook Pro, the return of the iPod Touch and a 6K monitor.

iPhone 11, Of Course

At the forefront of everyone’s minds is the iPhone 11. Unsurprisingly, KU is expecting 3 models again – 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch. The larger devices are said to have OLED screens, while the budget option will have LCD.

For anyone who was expecting USB-C to finally prevail over the Lightening cable – better luck next year. The proprietary cable will probably be kicking around for a little whole longer.

The same goes for the notch, which will reportedly maintain its current size and shape.

As for new stuff, Face ID is getting an upgrade and we are likely to see a triple camera setup and a new battery with similar reverse wireless charging functionality as Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro.

We’re anticipating this tech to be injected into a lot of the 2019 flagships, with the Samsung S10 also rumoured to be getting it.

Ku has suggested that this wireless capability won’t just charge other phones, but also the upcoming AirPods 2 and Apple Watches.

When it comes to aesthetics, we don’t know much yet, but the new models will apparently have a new texture to help improve grip.

New MacBook Pro Is An Absolute Unit

When it comes to laptops, Ku is predicting the biggest MacBook Pro since 2012, which will come in somewhere between 16 and 16.5-inches and have a brand new design.

If you like your laptops a little smaller, there will also be a more portable 13-inch Pro with up to 32GB RAM.

In monitor news, we’re looking at a new 31.6-inch 6K monitor aimed at the professional market, but can also be used as a TV.

AirPower, Finally

It’s happening!

We’ve been waiting for AirPower since September 2017, with rumoured manufacturing issues keeping them on the back burner. Now it looks like they’ll finally be landing, just in time for the next generation of AirPods.

Image: MacRumors

The iPod Touch Returns For… Gaming?

According to Ku, Apple will attempt to relaunch the iPod Touch as gaming device.

I loved my iPod Touch, but I’m not sure what this kind of device would have to offer gamers. Sure, it would probably be cheaper than shelling out for an iPhone, and there are rumours that Apple is working on a Netflix style subscription service for gaming – but we have no idea what that is going to look like.

It’s unlikely to offer any exclusive titles, and between Steam, GOG, iOS, Android and consoles… it sounds like just another separate library of games to add to the pile.

Apple has never been the go-to platform for gaming, and with laptops and tablets becoming increasingly powerful, compact and affordable… I wonder what the point of this is.

Bigger iPad

Not much has been said about the next generation of iPads – but they’re apparently getting bigger, the 2019 version will come in at 10.2-inches, which is 5-inches larger than the 2018 model. There will also be some upgrades down in the guts, but we don’t have specifics yet.

The iPad Mini will reportedly get an upgraded AP, though.

Apple Watch Upgrade

Considering the caliber of the 2018 Apple Watch, it’s unsurprising to hear that this year’s upgrades are going to be incremental. The biggest change we’re looking at is increased availability of the electrocardiogram functionality outside the U.S. We still don’t know if Australia will be included as yet.

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AirPods 2, Also Finally

The next generation AirPods are said to be arriving in the first half of 2019, and are rumoured to have bluetooth connectivity and wireless charging functionality. This means that they’ll be compatible with AirPlay, and the timing seems a little to convenient not to be legit. We predicting that both products to launch at the same time.

What Wasn’t Mentioned

While there is quite a bit there to digest, there are a few glaring omissions from Ku’s predictions.

There was no mention of Apple TV, which is interesting considering the CES announcement of iTunes movie and TV show libraries becoming accessible on 2018 and 2019 Samsung smart TVs. This also extends to AirPlay 2.

As Apple moves increasingly into services, will it perhaps be letting Apple TV go?

The report also failed to mention the AR glasses that Apple is allegedly working on – or any new products at all, actually.

Although Ku’s prediction reports tend to be pretty bang-on, it’s possible that Apple is keeping some surprises on the down low.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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